Saturday, April 2, 2011

BB-105 Big Bang Pegasis F:D

Apologies for the hiatus, but reviews were delayed due to some shipping issues but nonetheless...

BB-105 Big Bang Pegasis F:D is here~!

Contents Include:
Pegasis 3 Clear Wheel
Big Bang 4D Metal Wheel with Poly Carbonate Layer
Final Drive Fusion Track/Bottom
Light Launcher 2 +  Ripcord (Black)
Instructions & Stickers

The 4D Big Bang MW is compose by 2 sets of Metal Wheels and a special Poly Carbon Wheel.
It allows the MW to switch between 4 modes in which the 2 main modes are shown below.

The Upper Attack Mode (shift the PC Wheel to change into Rapid Attack Mode)

The Smash Mode (shift the PC to change to Defence Mode) 
Its kind of complicating, but as long you stick to the two main modes you should be fine.

The Final Drive Fusion Track/Bottom is a Auto changing 4D part.
It uses Central Gravitational Force to automatically change between two modes.

When in Max Velocity, the Semi Flat bottom is pushed out by the F:D. Small but efficient attack circle patterns will be excecuted by the Bey, conserving much spin energy.

When at Medium Velocity, the Semi Flat bottom retracts and the wide Rubber bottom takes over.
Due to the slope design of the Rubber bottom, the Bey will be able to do a 'flower' attackk pattern, knocking now low velocity opponents at their weakest with a Final Drive!

The Big Bang is quite huge out of the box. Its the same size as Hell Kerbecs BD145DS.

Both are also similiar in height.

Big Bang Pegasis F:D a definate must have collection.
(Pardon the clear facebolt, don't really like the blank one ^^")


  1. Great post.I wish i have all those parts to try and make a better beyblade,but i'll use the knowledge you presented here and try to make a new beyblade.Maybe i'll go to amazon to buy some of these parts.

  2. Im supposed to get one tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! ! =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D Oh, and good post xD

  3. cool i have one too! i got it yesterday/thursday

  4. hey great post bro, btw can you send me a scan of big bang pegasis stickers?, i really need it buddy,please send to thanks :D