Friday, April 29, 2011

Extreme Custom: The Heaviest Possible Bey

Ever since i got my new weighing scale, I have been wanting to solve the question of the "Heaviest Bey Combo" possible using existing available bey parts. (limiting to Season 2 Parts at the moment)

And after some measuring...

Bey Consist of:
Metal Face 2 - Heavy Custom
Kerbecs Clear Wheel
Basalt Metal Wheel
Boost Disk 145 Track
Metal Ball Bottom

The question of the Bull Clear Wheel (Jade Color: 3.39g) being the most heavy CW is untrue as the Kerbecs CW is actually the Heaviest Clear Wheel at 3.43g.

And there you have it, MF-H Basalt Kerbecs BD145MB is the heaviest possible Bey at a whooping 66.01grams.