Saturday, April 2, 2011

BB-107 Big Bang Pegasis DX Set

Introducing the new DX set for the 4D series...

BB-107 Big Bang Pegasis DX Set~!

Contents Include:
Black Attack Stadium w/ fence guard
3 Segment Launcher Grip (Silver)
Bey Launcher (Silver)
Bey Point Card*
Clear Pegasis 3 Face Bolt
Pegasis 3 Clear Wheel
Big Bang 4D Metal Wheel with Poly Carbon Wheel
Final Drive Fusion Track/Bottom
105 Track
85 Track
Rubber Flat Bottom
Extreme Flat Bottom
Instructions & Stickers

Either than the color variant of the Big Bang MW Poly Carbon Wheel, the rest of the parts of the Big Bang Pegasis F:D are similar. Thou i would love to add that the FaceBolt has a Silver printed Pegasis 3 on it. Makes my day XD

2 variants of the Big Bang Pegasis F:D
I wonder how many color variants are they going to make out of this Pegasis alone ya~
There are 3 color versions at the moment, not in the collection is the "Gold Wing" version from Coro Coro Lucky Draw.

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