Friday, May 18, 2012

CoroCoro Comic June Issue Review

This months issue of CoroCoro Comic features Inazuma Go2 on its cover and only has a super micro image of Zero in the middle right edge (beside the '2'). it also comes with a game map and a Pokemon BW2 comic.

A page about possible customs to maximize the gameplay in the ZeroG stadium.
like using Full Synchrom combos with BBG-09 E230GCF.

Also features "Jump to the Moon" combo, Crystal Up Pheonic Pirates M145Q.
This combination make the bey stay off the stadium most of the time as it 'jumps' from surface to walls and on to beys as well!
The "Grand Wheel" combo, Phantom Orion 85XF.
On the first glance, anyone would say that this is a 'suicide' combo as using an 85 Track and XF isn't very recommended because the Metal Wheel will contact the surface of the Stadium. But its this very fact that this Combo uses the rough surface of the lower portion of the Phantom MW to accelerate and balance the Bey in the Stadium. Pretty much like the E230 concept. Go try this Combo out, it pretty cool. 

Also showed an image of the upcoming ZeroG Stadium : Defence Type. Apparently this Clear Green stadium has only one Stadium Out pocket making it more challenging to pocket your opponent. To be release on 19th May 2012.

Introducing ZeroG's first Defense Bey, Guardian Reviza 160SB~

Apparently the Reviza Chromium Wheel is fairly thick and have a mild if not smooth surface with no obvious attack surfaces besides two small gaps on each sides.

The new 160 Track and Sharp Ball Bottom also claims to be the perfect balance counter combination. The 160 height Track is designed to keep the CrW and ChW off the surface even when the Stadium is in Max Tilt. Whereas the SB Bottom is a 'Bullet Head' type design, keeping the balance and tilt level to the minimum by equalizing the Stamina and Defense capabilities of Sharp and Ball Bottoms Types.

A report on the Upcoming legendary 'Dragon' Bey is also reveal! The spirit of the Ldrago is revived in ZeroG~  I wonder who the user is...

According to the Manga corners, the Dark Knight Dragon is the First Left Spin ZeroG bey and will change the whole concept of Battle again.

Here is a sneak peekat the design of the Dark Knight Dragon Chromium Wheel. (this "Gold Dragon" version is not the actual release one, its a prize)

Another look at the Dragon ChW on the limited CoroCoro Exclusive Bey Glyph Dragon SA165WSF (Coro Dragon Model). the Glyph Chromium Wheel belongs to upcoming BBG-12 Shinobi Glyph, to be released in June.


In the comic, Zero Battles Kaito Unabara in a 'Grand Ocean Stadium'. Its basically a ZeroG stadium floating on water! I think i might try that one day at a Pool or something. LOL

Saturday, May 5, 2012

BBG-09 ZeroG Random Booster Vol. 1

The anticipated 1st ZeroG Random Booster~

BBG-09 ZeroG Random Booster Volume 1
This is the first full ZeroG volume random booster consisting of 8 Beys,
with 4 common, 3 Rares and 1 Super Rare, the 3rd Fire Elemental Bey...
Thief Pheonic E230GCF!

Contents Include:
Pheonic Stone FaceBolt (Printed) - 1.25g
Thief Crystal Wheel - 5.37g
Pheonic Chromium Wheel 29.85g
Elevator 230 Track - 7.46g
Gear Circle Flat Bottom - 2.42g
Stickers & Instructions

Beys in this ZeroG RBV:
Thief Pheonic E230GCF (Super Rare)
Thief Saramanda 230WB (Rare)
Pirates Ifraid T125GCF (Rare)
Samurai Saramanda E230ES (Rare)
Samurai Orojya 145WD
Shinobi Orojya 145ES
Pirates Saramanda T125WB
Shinobi Ifraid 230WD

Pheonic Chromium Wheel & Thief Crystal Wheel

The Pheonic ChW is the first '3-blade/wing' metal wheel, well known for
high attack capabilities. The 3 Wings of the Pheonic is similar in attack
surface and decently sloped for upper attack options.

The Thief CrW is also a '3-bladed' part but have smaller jaggered edges within
each blade. This design enables the bey to have 'Repeatitive Attack' funtionalites.

The Magnetic Mass Saturation Graph shows that the Chromium Wheel although looking
very symetrical on the surface is actually pretty unbalanced in its weight
distrubution. Holding 1 major weight saturation point and light on the opposite
area, this ChW is very high in momentumnary rotations, probably highly increasing
attack movements.

The Pheonic Chomium Wheel weighs at 29.85g

And a Synchrom Pheonic Chromium Wheel weighs at 59.77g

Chrome Up and Crystal Up views

As always, only the ChW can 'Synchrom' with itself, the CrW can't combine in design.

Elevator 230 Track & Gear Circle Flat Bottom

The Exclusive part that comes with the ZGRBV1 E230 and GCF at the first look,
is just a Up and Down elevation movement 230 Track and a Circle Flat with a 'Gear'
design circumference. Yes? But it is how this two parts work together that deliver
a never before seen capability in Bey history.

Tilt Recovery

Most attention will go to the Elevating movement of the Disk section but in actual fact
the Disk does not really move up and down freely as expected. Review the function in a
Side View perspective for easier understanding.

When the Bey is in the ZeroG stadium and encounters a normal gradient slope, the 2 point
contact system of the Gear Circle Flat takes place. Like the CF Bottom, this helps the Bey
to increase in speed without compromising tilting angle of the Bey in whole.

But when a Sudden heavier tilt occur, the E230 Disk will come into action, taking over the
Flat Section and guide the Bey in a level angle to keep the bey in perpendicular to the stadium surface. This also keeps the ChW and CrW parts away from direct contact with the Stadium Surface which will greatly depletes Stamina.

When the Tilt recovers the E230 Disk will stay in the lifted level to keep the overall weight
balanced so that the Bey will not be thrown off the surface due to the sudden tilt.
This Tilt Recovery System is really on of its kind and works very well with CF or GCF Bottoms

Overall the Thief Pheonic is a very unique ZeroG addition. With its special E230 Performance Track and Gear Circle Flat combination that performs greatly in the ZeroG battle, makes it even all worth while to collect. A must have for all Bladers and Collectors.


The 'Hidden' True Rare Thief Pheonic E230GCF

For those whom gotten themselves the whole set of ZGRVB1 or at least all the Rares would have noticed that the other three 'Rares' consist of a Red 'Thief CrW', 'E230' and 'GCF'. And  Yes, since the Thief Pheonic IS a Fire Elemental Bey, the True Crimson version of the Thief Pheonic needs ALL the 4 Rares to obtain. Nice.

E145 and BD230

Yes, since the BD145 Disk is similar to E230 Suppport Disk, it IS interexchangable, but do not that the Boost Disk does not slide up and down on the E230 Track rail as freely as it should as the design has a few millimeters off.

Friday, May 4, 2012

BBG-08 Pirates Orojya 145D

The 3rd ZeroG Bey arrives~

BBG-08 Pirates Orojya 145D
The Orojya is the first of what believed to be 3 'Water Elemental' Beys following the 3 'Fire Elemental' ones released so far.(Ifraid, Saramanda and Pheonic)

Contents Include:
Metal Stone FaceBolt (Blank) - 5.45g
Pirates Crystal Wheel - 3.86g
Orojya Chromium Wheel - 29.3g
145 Track - 1.48g
Defence Bottom -0.64g
Stickers & Instructions
Orojya Chromium Wheel and Pirates Crystal Wheel

From a first look, it is easy to tell that the Orojya ChW is a Stamina Type metal wheel. This is so because of the Outer Weight distribution design which concentrates most of the metal part on the outer circumference of the ChW. The hollow center portions also means higher recoil.

The Magnetic Mass Distribution Graph shows that the Orojya Chromium Wheel has most of its metal mass situated on the outer limits of its frame. There is also 3 weight saturation points. Do take note when trying to Synchrom with other ChWs.

Weighing at only 29.3g the Orojya ChW is relatively light compared to the Saramanda ChW. 30.76g.

The Full Sychrom Orojya weighs 58.7g.

Chromium Up and Crystal Up Modes

The Pirates CrW is thicker in height and unbalanced  in design. No standard surface but consist of mostly 'Jaggered Surface' that increases 'Repetitive Attack' capabilities. And as usual cannot 'synchrom' with itself due to the longer pegs and lack of a crystal slot.

ZeroG Bey Trial Test

Ran the Pirates Orojya 145D against Synchrom Saramada Ifraid XD to test its Defence and Stamina limits in a Standard ZeroG Attack Stadium.

When launched, the Orojya doesn't move much, in fact it stays in the middle of the Stamina Zone immediately after it was launched.

But when against an opponent, the Pirates Orojya was very high in recoil, moving almost to the edge of the stadium at times. the 145D configuration was able to keep Orojya balanced throughout the high recoil defense.

The 'hidden' Defence Bottom secret

The test trials also revealed a 'hidden' capability the Defence (D) bottom.
The D bottom part enabled the Pirates Orojya to do 'Flank' Attacks! For those whom watched the anime ZeroG will see it in the battle between Samurai Ifraid and Pirate Orojya.   

When the Orojya was pushed to the top edge of the Stadium, the defense outer circumference was able to come in contact with the 'tilted' stadium surface and do a high speed circular motion on the outer top section of the ZeroG stadium.

Then when the stadium stabilizes momentarily, the Pirates Orojya bottom loses traction and slides down into the center, attacking it opponent. Pretty cool effect to watch.

The effect is repeated 4 to 5 times and heavily wearing out the Attack type bey. And since the Orojya stays on the outer section most of the time, the opponent didn't get much contact which made it easy for a Stamina Win for Orojya. Nice.

Overall, the Pirates Orojya 145D is a good enough Stamina performance bey with a decent recoil. The non-fancy 145D track and bottom although normal, performs pretty well in a ZeroG Stadium. It also comes with a Metal FaceBolt (only available on Saramanda and Orojya at the moment). The only set back is the Light Chromium Wheel which makes it easy to get 'thrown' around when opposing heavier opponents. Besides that, the Orojya is a must get for all bladers and Collectors.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Magnetic Mass Saturation Graph

For those whom are new to ZeroG, you might have noticed that the bey tends to swing in a small circular manner when in stationary stamina mode. This is because the Chromium Wheel of the ZeroG series is not balanced in weight unlike the previous series Metal Wheels.

To help fellow bladers have a better understanding of the various Chromium Wheel mass/weight distribution, BeyGenSG have ran the various Chromium Wheels on a Mass Saturation Device and derived out a chart for your reference~

The grey areas of the charts signifies the least mass and the red parts signifies the most mass saturated on the Chromium Wheels.

Ifraid Chromium Wheel
notice that the Ifraid has a bi-equilateral balanced ChW which have equal weight on the 'horn' parts and have one Saturation point at the bottom area of the Chromium Wheel.where the 'Face' of Ifraid is.

Saramander Chromium Wheel
the saramanda on the other hand have 2 saturation points, one on the bottom part where the metal Peg is and the 'Tail' of the Saramander where the Chromium Wheel is at the heaviest point.

A simple theory of how a Balanced Chromium Wheel is achievable would be to use two of the Same ChW types. In that way, the heavier Weight Distribution on the bottom side will counter the light ones on the top side. Like in the example above showing the weight Distribution of a Synchrom Ifraid ChW.

Will be providing the charts for all my future ZeroG Bey reviews to help bladers out there customize a better balanced bey by understanding the different Weight Distribution of all the Chromium Wheels.