Monday, April 25, 2011

CoroCoro Comic Premium Bey - Ray Unicorno D125CS Aurora Ver.

Found another rare Bey~

Coro Coro Comic Premium Bey - Ray Unicorno D125CS Aurora Version.
This Limited Bey is only available through Coro Coro's 'Sent In' lucky draw.

Contents Include:
Metallic Unicorno FaceBolt
Clear Unicorno Clear Wheel
Ray Metal Wheel (Metallic Purple)
Defence 125 Track
Coated Sharp Bottom
Hologram Metallic Sticker

The Premium 'Metallic Purple' Ray MW is 1g+ heavier than the Starter Ray MW.
And as mentioned in my BB-93 Ray Unicorno Booster post, The Booster Ray MW is 1g more heavier than BB-71 Starter version. Therefore, making the Metallic Purple Ray Similar in weight to the Booster Ray MW.

The part that got me very interested in getting this Bey was the Coated Sharp. Unlike the normal CS, the Aurora Version has a Clear Coated Sharp. And the 'Secret' to the clear CS is that the 'rubber' portion is made of Poly Carbonate  or PC instead of the regular red rubber material~
This makes the New CS similar to Flat Ball (FB) from Divine Chimera.

Did not apply the Metallic Horographic Stickers for saving its natural painted portion and in my opinion, the Metallic Printed FaceBolt is fantastic looking by itself. Another great addition to the collection~ 

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