Thursday, March 24, 2011

Metal Fight Beyblade: Gacchinko Stadium Wii Game

After a long search and wait, the final Game Exclusive Bey is finally here!!!

Metal Fight Beyblade: Gacchinko Stadium Wii Game Japan Edition
The Japan Wii Edition comes with a Limited Game Exclusive Bey, Counter Leone D125B
(Do note that ONLY the Japan version of Counter Leone comes with a Printed Leone Clear Face~)

Contents Include:
Clear Leone FaceBolt
Leone Clear Wheel
Counter Metal Wheel
Defence 125 Track
Ball Bottom
NDS Wii Game

Closer look at the limited Leone parts and you will notice that they are not actually 'transparent' but slightly blue-ish in color. Will do a version comparison once the sample of the US version reaches me.

The clear FaceBolt really makes my day, as the local selling US versions only comes with a Metal Face instead. At the current moment, this Wii edition limited Bey is the most limited Game Exclusive Premium amoungst the 5 releases.

Game Exclusive Beys Complete! XD

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