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Coro Coro Comic May Issue Review

Just got the May issue of CoroCoro Comic

This issue has little coverage of beyblade on its cover. You might want to take note of the 'hell kerbecs:blue inferno ver.' on the top left to avoid buying the wrong issue ya.

First up, a 4.5 page review on the soon to release BB-108 Ldrago Destroy Final:Survive!
"Full Metal Armor!!! Becomes Powerful!!!"

Reviews how the new Ldrago Full Metal MW forsakes a Clear Wheel to become more heavy and powerful. The MW being completely made out of metal, made Ldrago Destroy the most destructive bey ever invented. But hidden under its fearsome attack MW, is the new improved Rubber Disc formerly found on Meteo Ldrago's Clear Wheel.

Ldrago Destory has two modes,
Attack Mode - where Rubber Disc 'absorbing contact' is hidden, leaving exposed, its Poly Carbonate claws.
Absorb Mode - PC claws becomes part of the Metal Ldrago Wheel, absorbing contacts exposed to take opponent's stamina without compromising spin ratio.

New F:S. Final Survive 4D Fusion Track/Bottom is the direct reverse of Big Bang Pegasis Final:Drive.
Similar in concept, the F:S also uses Gravitation Force to switch modes. When the Bey is at its maximum spinning gravitational force, the F:S is on HF (Hole Flat), enabling the Bey to do rapid hard attacks on it opponent using it solid Metal body.
At lower spin ratio, the F:S switches and from the HF emerges a Sharp Bottom tip! Bey is raised up when tip is exposed and Rubber Disc will absorb 'dying' opponents remaining spin. The power of Final:Survive!

Next is a 2 page feature on the 4th 4D bey, Beat Lynx TH170WD~

BB-109 Beat Lynx TH170WD comes from Random Booster Vol 7 as its limited premium prize Bey.

Like most RBV prize beys, this bey also comes with exclusive parts. Its mode changing 4D Metal Wheel and its height changing TH170 track~

The Beat MW consist of a Poly Carbon switch ring and a Defence design type MW, similar to Vulcan MW.
The PC switch ring enables the Beat MW to change between Attack Mode and Defence Mode by exposing the "Ears" for executing a powerful spike attack or hiding them forming a Circular All Round Defence MW.

The Triple Height 170 Track is a evolution of the former CH120 from Dark Cancer. Instead of 2, the TH170 can switch between 3 heights, 170, 195 and 220~

170 - For opposing 'Tall' opponents like the Flame Byxis 230WD. 170 allows the MW to effectively reach the Byxis MW to slow it down.
195 - For opposing '145' Defence/Stamina types like Earth Aquila 145WD. 195 allows  Beat MW to Smash Attack 145 type Bey from the top without compromising Balance and Spin Ratio.
220 - For opposing Low Attackers like Screw Capricorne 90MF. 220 functions similar to 230 preventing the Beat MW from being contact by opponent's MW. Pivot effect makes Beat Lynx difficult to lose Spin Ratio, Stamina Up!

BB-109 Random Booster Vol.7 is known as the 'Rare Booster Volume', this is because it contains parts from Game Premiums, Stadium Premiums and RBV Prize Parts. Beys in this series includes:
-Tornado Horuseus 130RSF
-Gravity Perseus 85DS
-Gravity Perseus BD145XF
-Hell Herculeos 100XF
-Hell Horuseus 85RS
-Vulcan Herculeos 130DS
-Vulcan Horogium BD145RS

The strange thing to me was that Gravity Perseus was in the RBV7. Reason because its a non-interchangable Bey, meaning its Clear/Metal Wheel can't be compatible with other MWs. Thats why it has a Reshuffle set in the first place. The good thing is the "official" release of Vulcan MW, now bladers can have the chance to get this limited Game Premium without losing a limb, lol

The next page features yet another CoroCoro Comic Limited Bey, Ldrago Destroy : Gold Armored Version. Readers of next month's issue will be able to send in a lucky draw to get this Limited Bey that comes with an Even Limited Metal Face with Ldrago imbossed on it!

Lastly, a 2 page feature on the 4D project and about how the 4D system is making customization so much more challenging and versatile in competitions.

A side column along the comic section mentioned:
"CoroCoro Comic June Issue Scoop! - A Beyblade that can't be damage! The birth of Legend Bey, 'Scythe Chronos' "

Sound like Tobi's line of Bey ya? Since they did say the same for Basalt Horogium when it first came out, hmmm...

The Back of the mag featured the upcoming BB-108 Ldrago Destroy F:S (Comes with Light Launcher L!), BB-109 RBV7, BB-110 Cosmo Blue BeyLauncher, BB-111 Army Green BeyLauncher.

Really looking forward to more 4D beys, will definately get RBV7 thou. Its pretty worth i might say.

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