Saturday, April 2, 2011

BB-106 Fang Leone 130W2D

Up next is the 2nd 4D beyblade...

BB-106 Fang Leone 130W2D~!

Contents Include:
Leone 2 Clear Wheel
Fang 4D two part Metal Wheel
130 Track
Wave Wide Defence Bottom
Light Launcher 2 + Ripcord (Black)
Instructions & Stickers

The Fang 4D MW, unlike the Big Bang MW has only two sections instead of three.
The top section of the MW can be flip over to change between two modes:

Defence Mode (normal defence levels)

Counter Mode (max defence mode with critical counter levels)
The 'Counter' Mode is not anyones cup of tea when it comes to defence. With Critical levels of Counter abilities, the MW can easily Stadium Out both your opponent and yourself. With that, the reason for its New bottom.

The Wave Wide Defence Bottom.

A smart upgrade to the existing Wide Defence bottom, Wave Wide Defence has a 2 tier 'Ripple' or 'Wave' surface with a pointed tip for maximum Stamina. The secondary ripple increases grip when opposed with the 'Counter' effect with Minimum contact surface to reduce spin velocity.

Fang Leone will definately be top in counter levels, a defence bladers best addition~
(hope that there is a clear facebolt for Fang soon ya)

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