Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beyblade 4D Snip News for June to September 2011

A sneek list of Beys in release for June to September

June Release
BB-113 Beyblade Starter (Scythe Khronos?)

July Release
BB-114 Beyblade Starter (LR rotation Bey with Light Launcher LR!)
BB-115 BeyLauncher LR (New Color: Metallic Red)
BBC-01 Control Beyblade Starter
BBC-02 Control Beyblade Starter
BBC-03 Control Beyblade Stadium with RC Bey

August Release
BB-116 Random Booster Vol.8
BB-117 Ultimate Bey Set (3 4D Beys with New Color MF2)

September Release
BB-118 Beyblade Starter

Control Beyblade? Probably the RC bey that we played in the older 'plastic' generation ya~

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