Monday, December 27, 2010

X'mas Beyblade Stash~

Merry X'mas Everyone!

Stash I got for this X'mas~

BB51 - Extreme Bey Stadium

This set was on my want list for quite some time as it was an interesting stadium to play with,
furthermore it also comes with bey Rock Orso D125B which i do not own yet and also a black light launcher.

BB82 - Random Booster Vol.5 x 2
Two random packs, but manage to get one of the two Grand Ketos, WD145RS, that makes a spare for my collection XD
The other is Poison Pheonix WA145SD (purple)

Special Event Earth Aquila 105HF/S (spare for collection)
Special Event Clear Storm Wolf WD145B (come with clear Ldrago Face though~)

Part 2 of my Japan Stash Release is coming soon~ *excited*

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