Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Bey Collection 2010/12/02

Heres a post about the Beys I currently have in collection.

The 12 Constellations.

(Top Left to Right)
1-BB50 Dark Capricone M145Q
2-BB37 Storm Ario 100HF/S
3-BB57 Thermal Pisces S130MB (track and bottom from BB86)
4-BB45 Counter Aries ED145B (metal wheel from BB86)
5-BB40 Dark Bull H145SD
6-BB56 Killer Geminos DF145FS
7-BB55 Dark Cancer CH145SF (track and bottom from BB31)
8-BB30 Rock Leone 145wB
9-BB60 Earth Virgo GB145BS
10-BB48 Flame Libra T125ES
11-BB65 Rock Elscopio T125JB
12-BB35 Flame Sagitario C145S

Normal Character Release Beys

(Top Left to Right)
1-BB28 Storm Pegasis 105RF (no printed face)
2-BB29 Dark Wolf DF125FS
3-BB43 Lightning L Drago 100HF
4-BB47 Earth Aquila 145WD
5-BB59 Burn Pheonix 135MS
6-BB69 Poison Serpent SW145SD
7-BB70 Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F (Japan Edition)
8-BB71 Ray Unicono D125CS (Korean Edition)
9-BB74 Thermal Lacerta WA130HF (Korean Edition)
10-BB78 Rock Giraffe R145WB (Korean Edition)
11-BB80 Gravity Perseus AD145WD (Japan Edition)
12-BB82-1 Grand Ketos T125RS (Japan Random Booster Vol 5)
13-BB82-2 Grand Ketos WD145RS (Japan Random Booster Vol 5)
14-BB88 Meteo L Drago LW105LF (Japan Edition)
15-BB91 Ray Gil 100RSF (Korean Edition)

Random Booster Pack Rare Bey Specials

(Top Left to Right)
1-BB44 Storm Pegasis 105RF Stardust Version (Random Booster Vol.3)
2-BB45 Counter Aries ED145B (Clay Aries) (Random Booster Light Vol.3)
3-BB37 Storm Ario 100HF/S (Wind Ario) (Random Booster Light Vol.2)
4-BB31 Dark Cancer CH120SF (Mad Cancer) (Random Booster Light Vol.1)
5-BB60 Earth Virgo GB145BS (Random Booster Vol.4)
6-BB82 Grand Ketos WD145RS/T125RS (Random Booster Vol.5)

Limited Premium Beys

(Left to Right)
1-Vulcan Horuseus 145D (PSP Game Premium)
2-Earth Aquila 105HF/S (SG Member Event Exclusive)
3-Storm Pegasis 100HF (SG United Sq Event Exclusive PwP)

Of Course there is the box of spares and random limited tracks and bottoms.
Will try to post them next time.

Thanks for looking~

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