Monday, December 20, 2010

Customizer Mori - CF Coated Flat Trial

Customizer Mori Reviewing my latest Bey Bottom~

CF Coated Flat custom

Comparing to the CS from Unicorno (right ), the CF is a slightly lower (-3mm).

Bey Battle test ( Earth Aquila 145D vs. Gravity Perusus 100CF custom)

CF is Flat coated with a half Sphere Silicon Rubber to add attacking grip strength~
Attack UP!!!

Sphere Silicon Ring enables Maximum Tilt - apx 40 degrees (Similar to Ball function)
Balance UP!!!

Combination of Flat and Sphere Silicon Coating Recreates a Defence adsorbing surface when Countered.
Defence Up!!!

Nature of small Flat surface, adds stamina to a low bey.
Stamina Up!!!

20 Battle results (20101227 update)
Opponent Knock Outs = 12/20
Self Knock Outs = 2/20
Stamina Win = 4/20
Lose = 2/10
Tie = 0/20

Avg = 16/20 (High)

Not bad for a Attack/Stamina/Defence/Balance all in one bottom ya~

Will be sending this in to WBBA for review.

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