Monday, December 6, 2010

Sol Blaze V145AS Versus "Sun God 145AS"?

Its pretty obvious i am trying to compare the Japan Limited Movie Premium Sol Blaze V145AS to the "non-official" version of it.

"Sun God 145AS" (Left) & Sol Blaze V145AS (Right)

I shall do a break down Comparison between the parts.

The Face

Very obvious is the lack of print design of the "Blaze" on the surface.
Material used for the "non-official" version (Left) is also not glossy and rough to touch.

The Clear Wheel

The "non-official" version (Left) has a lesser orange glow and appears dull under the same lighting.
Material used is also matt and not as hard as the original.

The Metal Wheel

The "non-official" version (Left) is slightly thinner in thickness (aprx 3mm) when compared on a flat surface. It also lacks detailing when compared to the original.

The Track and Bottom

The V145 and AS on the "non-official" version (Left) is very roughly finished with nips exposed.
Material used is also lighter in color and seemed more fragile.
Also the AS bottom was not as "free spinning" as the original.

Unfortunately I used the original for bey battle a few times. Kind of regret it now as the paint chipped off already.

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