Thursday, December 23, 2010

BB98 - BeyBlade Custom Set (Ldrago ver.)

One of the 2 custom sets i wanted is finally here!

BB98 - Beyblade Custom Set (Ldrago ver.)

Contents Includes:
Face: 3 Ldrago Face, Metal Face 2 Set Purple
Hybrid Wheel: Absorb Purple, Assault Blue, Rush Red
Metal Wheel: Silver Meteo, Red Meteo
Track: LW, DF105, 125, 105, 85
Bottom: LF, RF, LRF, SF, XF
3 seg Launcher Grip
BeyLauncher Left

Comparism for WF - Wide Flat (Left) and XF - Extreme Flat (Right).

Comparism for LRF - Left Rubber Flat (Left) and R2F - Right Rubber Flat (Right).

Comparism for 85 and 90 Track.

My Final Ldrago Battle Custom Set Combi~
MF2 Meteo Ldrago Absorb 105PD (Stamina)
MF Meteo Ldrago Rush H145AS (Defence/Balance)
Meteo Ldrago Assault DF105LRF (Attack)

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