Thursday, December 2, 2010

My BeyLauncher

Decided to post about my beylauncher as many ask mi for a break down.

Its pretty straight forward as most if not all the components can be gathered from good bey department stores.

1-BB15 Launcher Grip
2-BB39 Carabina Grip
3-BB80 BeyLauncher LR (c/w Gravity Persus)
4-BB58 BeyLauncher Suspension
5-BB63 Grip Rubber Black
7-BB90 LED Sight

The Only Component currently not available in SG is probably the "BB90 LED Sight"

The LED Sight is basically a red dot pointer to let the blader pin point the landing spot in a arena.
Quite useful for slide attacks and one shot knock outs. I personally use it to gauge the height my beys are launch from for maximum hit power.

Missing from my launcher is "BB79 Metal Assist" its like a trigger guard, supposely added to strengthen the grip hold. Hope to get it soon.

There you have it, My BeyLauncher~

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