Monday, December 20, 2010

corocoro comic Jan issue

Finally got my copy of corocoro comic Jan issue~!

Was really anticipating this issue as it features several new beys in the upcoming months.

BB99 - Hell Kerbecs BD145DS

BB104 - Basalt Horologium 145WD

BB100 - Killer BeFowl UW145EWD

It also comes with a DVD showing "Hell Kerbecs" attack and stamina capabilites!

A big poster showcasing all the Hybrid Beys was also included.

The new Beys!

Also spotted a "not mentioned" new bey ~ BB102 - Screw Capricone 90MF (Metal Flat) = NEW Bottom!
(Jap: new metal wheel has powerful "corkscrewdriver" attack!)

Hope to get them soon~!

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