Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BB-86 Deck Attack and Defence Set (KOR)

Manage to get a Korean version of the "BB-86 Deck Attack & Defence Set"

This set is highly awaited because unlike the other sets, it comes with 4 rare parts, 2 of which are totally NEW.

In the set there is the "Counter" Metal Wheel (Extreme Right)
Counter is the "hybrid" version of the original "Leon" 1st Gen Bey. (Left)
Its also like the metal version of the "Clay" light wheel. (Center)

Next it also contain the "Cyber" Metal Wheel (Right)
Cyber is the "hybrid" version of the original "Pegasus" 1st Gen Bey. (Left)
I believe the "Cyber" Metal Wheel was 1st introduced in the DS Game Premium "Cyber Pegasus"

There are also 2 Totally New parts. the S130 (shield130) and MB (Metal Ball)

Very glad to get my hands on this set as I can finally replace my "Clay Aries" into "Counter Aries"
"Black Cyber Pegasus" is an original mix match with parts from the Random Boosters.

321 Go Shoot!

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