Saturday, April 14, 2012

CoroCoro Comic May 2012 Issue Review (Updated)

CoroCoro Comic May 2012 Issue
This months issue pack with it quite a few additional freebies, including Duel Masters Card and Card Sleeves, two mini comic books, LBX cards and a Hypercluster Yoyo DVD! Do take note of the Huge 'Pirates Orojya 145D' Beyblade behind the book when you buy it ya~

In the back end of the colored pages, reveals a firey page of ZeroG!
"Strongest Bey Custom! Fire Synchrom!"

Before that, the bottom right section introduce the 3rd Fire elemental Bey, the 'Thief Pheonik E230GCF"!!!!!
The New Fire Bey comes as a Super Rare Prize Bey in the upcoming BBG-09 ZeroG Random Booster Vol.1. Apparently it comes with two new ZeroG parts! The 'Elevator 230 (E230)' Track and 'Gear Circle Flat (GCF)' Bottom.

The Elevator 230 is basically a very tall 230 Track with a Circular Disk like the Boost Disk from Hell Kerbecs. As its name suggest, the Disk on the Track is possiblily able to travel up and down like an 'Elevator'. This movement is a Balance Reflex function to counter the high tilt angle and help the Thief Pheonik to regain its overall balance in a battle.

The Gear Circle Flat (GCF) is the second redition of the Circle Flat (CF) that Samurai Ifraid has. The GCF is similar to CF but the second tier disk above the Flat Bottom has a Gear-like design. The Gear Surface is suppose to increase Friction between the Stadium surface and Bottom to induce power and speed up.

Will be looking forward to getting this Rare bey to test it out ya~

The left portion shows the 'Fire Synchrom' combo~

This Combo apparently is very high in Attack properties, It is super destructive as Ifraid Chromium Wheel has the highest Attack value and Saramanda ChW has an effective Repeative Attack surface. To add to its destructive elements, the new E230 and GCF from Thief Pheonik adds Speed and Power with its accelerative functions. The high Design also increases Smash attacks that lowers opponents balance and spin ratio.

The Breakdown of the 'Fire Synchrom Saramanda Ifraid E230GCF'

The next page features a new 'Water' based bey~ 'BBG-08 Pirates Orojya 145D'!!!

The 'Pirates Orojya' is a Serpent motive Bey wirth 9 snake heads on it Orojya ChW. The Pirates CrW has a balanced Repeative Attack designed and Bey comes with 145 Track and Defence Bottom. (Which is kind of normal for a new Bey)

The 9 Orojya snake head design has 6 particular heads balanced out one each side of the Chromium Wheel and increases the Balance of the ChW when contacted by an opponent. With the combinaton of the D Bottom, a great Satmina type Bey is formed.

The Pirates Orojya comes with a Metal Stone FaceBolt like the Shinobi Saramanda.

Like the 'Fire Synchrom' there is also a 'Water Synchrom' combination and a new 'Water-based' Bey is coming up next~ Guardian Reviza! More reviewed in next issue.

At the bottom of the page also feature a new ZeroG bey stadium being planned... The DekaG Stadium!!! It is basically bigger version of the Standard Attack Zero G Stadium and Gap stretches at 45cm! almost 1.5x bigger and able to accommodate 4 Players! No news on whether it will be released but it will be previewed at the upcoming Bey Events in Japan in May.

Lastly the Back of the CoroCoro features the Beys in BBG-09 ZeroG Random Booster Vol.1!
From the image, besides the Super Rare 'Thief Pheonik E230GCF' there are 2 Ifraids, 2 Orojya and 3 Saramanda Chromium Wheel Beys to look out for. 

These are the Beys that comes in this RVB

・シーフフェニックE230GCF(スーパーレアベイ)-Thief Pheonic E230GCF (Super Rare)
・シーフサラマンダ230WB(レアベイ)-Thief Saramanda 230WB (Rare)
・パイレーツイフレイドT125GCF(レアベイ)-Pirates Ifraid T125GCF (Rare)
・サムライサラマンダE230ES(レアベイ)-Samurai Saramanda E230ES (Rare)
・サムライオロジャ145WD -Samurai Orojya 145WD
・シノビオロジャ145ES -Shinobi Orojya 145ES
・パイレーツサラマンダT125WB -Pirates Saramanda T125WB
・シノビイフレイド230WD -Shinobi Ifraid 230WD

Looks like the E230 and GCF comes with some other beys besides the Super Rare. Good news~

Will not be reviewing the comic portion at this point as it differs too much when compared to the Animation version, do not want to confuse the readers and fans with too many reditions of the Story Plot.


  1. Aww... I really wanted to see the manga review. :/

  2. You have to be fair though mori.m, there are already various differences between the Zero-G anime and manga.

    For starters, in the anime: Zero's horse doesn't appear, it doesn't explain how Zero gets his clothes, Zero won his first battle using a Zero-G BeyStadium, Kenta doesn't appear, Zero already met Gingka, Gingka gave Zero, Samurai Ifraid, etc.

    We all know the anime and manga tend to not follow one-another in various ways, yet they keep the general story, be it there are differences.

    We appreciate it that you don't want to confuse us mori.m, but if you look at it this way, there are already numerous differences between the anime and manga, so I don't think there would be a problem by still reviewing the manga, we really want to see it mori.m, I know I do.

    Remember, the anime and manga are not always the same, yes they follow the general story, but they also do have a multitude of differences. We won't mind mori.m, please review it, I'm really eager to see it. :)