Thursday, May 3, 2012

Magnetic Mass Saturation Graph

For those whom are new to ZeroG, you might have noticed that the bey tends to swing in a small circular manner when in stationary stamina mode. This is because the Chromium Wheel of the ZeroG series is not balanced in weight unlike the previous series Metal Wheels.

To help fellow bladers have a better understanding of the various Chromium Wheel mass/weight distribution, BeyGenSG have ran the various Chromium Wheels on a Mass Saturation Device and derived out a chart for your reference~

The grey areas of the charts signifies the least mass and the red parts signifies the most mass saturated on the Chromium Wheels.

Ifraid Chromium Wheel
notice that the Ifraid has a bi-equilateral balanced ChW which have equal weight on the 'horn' parts and have one Saturation point at the bottom area of the Chromium Wheel.where the 'Face' of Ifraid is.

Saramander Chromium Wheel
the saramanda on the other hand have 2 saturation points, one on the bottom part where the metal Peg is and the 'Tail' of the Saramander where the Chromium Wheel is at the heaviest point.

A simple theory of how a Balanced Chromium Wheel is achievable would be to use two of the Same ChW types. In that way, the heavier Weight Distribution on the bottom side will counter the light ones on the top side. Like in the example above showing the weight Distribution of a Synchrom Ifraid ChW.

Will be providing the charts for all my future ZeroG Bey reviews to help bladers out there customize a better balanced bey by understanding the different Weight Distribution of all the Chromium Wheels.  

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