Tuesday, April 3, 2012

BBG-01 Samurai Ifraid W145CF

With the End of the 4D season, comes the next ZERO G!

BBG-01 Samurai Ifraid W145CF

Contents Include:
Clear Stone FaceBolt (Blank) - 1.23g
Samurai Crystal Wheel - 5.32g
Ifraid Chromium Wheel - 30.35g
Wing 145 Track - 2.18g
Circle Flat Bottom - 2.49g
Zero G Compact Launcher w/ Ripcord
Stickers & Instructions

Samurai Crystal Wheel and Ifraid Chromium Wheel

The new season of Zero G bey revamped quite abit on its overall design and concept. Thou the widely popular 4D system was a hit, it lacks customisation in its Metal Wheel. Thus, in Zero G new parts were introduced! The past Clear Wheel is now replaced with 'Crystal Wheel' and the Metal Wheel is called 'Chromium Wheel', try to remember that ya~

The CrW and ChW are of similar diameter and can fit on each other snugly with the Peg and Hole interlock system within them.

The Mode change of the Zero G system involves interflipping of the CrW and ChW portion. Namely 'Chrome UP' and 'Crystal UP' modes.

The ChW can also combine with another ChW to form a 'SynChrom' combination, this combination greatly increases the weight and capabilities. The CrW have longer 'Pegs' and have no 'Hole' slots, thus can't combine with itself.

The 'SynChrom' Ifraid weighs a 60.58g alone, much heavier than 4D's Diablo MW at 51.38g.  

Stone FaceBolt

The Zero G also revamped its FaceBolt parts, the new 'Stone FaceBolt' has 8 sides compared to the conventional 6 sided FaceBolt from the past series. The New Stone FaceBolt CANNOT fit with the older series Beys as it is only accustom to the CrW and ChW system.

Wing 145 Track

The W145 Track is another addition to the "Wing" series with 6 Fins, the fins works similar to Down Force 145 (DF145), but have more fins.

Circle Flat Bottom

Samurai Ifraid's special Part will have to be the CF. The Circle Flat is basically a Wide Flat (WF) with an additional Circular plate around the top. Diameter roughly the size of the Shield 145 (S145) Track.

The CF is a performace part made specially for the Zero G Stadium. The CF is able to cope with high tilts and rapid changing surface angles with its Dual Contact Point system. Upon a high angke tilt, the CF is able to counteract the angle with the 'Circular' plate and evade a slide out. The Dual Contact Point also allows the Bey to pick up Speed around the edges of the Stadium.

Zero G Compact Launcher

The New Compact Launcher is similar to the Light Launcher 2 from the past series. But Smaller. It still uses the standard Ripcord form the past Series.

In comparison to the LL2 the Compact Launcher is much smaller and 'Compact'

Its also a 2 in 1 with in-built tool to tighten ot loosen your FaceBolt or Bottom Bey Parts.

An addition point about the new Launcher is the Poly Carbonate Ripcord Shield. For those who have been using a Ripcord Launcher will notice that long term usage causes the insert of the LL2 to crack due to friction caused by the Ripcord. Thus the addition of the Shield which is made of a more durable material, PC. A great improvement to make the launcher last longer.    

Overall the Zero G System Beys packed in more customisation in its Metal Wheel portion. The whole 'Attacking' or 'Contact' portion will be completely Metal in 'SynChrom' Mode. At the moment, until more parts come in, its difficult to determine the capabilities and performance in the Zero G stadium. But for now the Samurai Ifraid W145CF with its Circle Flat Bottom Part is a must have for attack players.

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