Monday, April 9, 2012

BBSG MFBeyblade Competitions and Events Review 2012

At Present, BBSG have been holding regular Monthly Event Competitions and Nationals Successfully. And the Rulings and Regulative have been handled much efficiently by the staffs.

Our Local BBSG is currently using the “Non-repetitive Metal Wheel” regulation which is well received by the local bladers as it opens customization to the next level and we see more “typed –based” bladers. (Full Attack Bladers, Full Stamina Bladers being the most common where all 3 Deck Beys are same types.)

BBSG also adapted to the 2 point Stadium Out and 1 point Sleep Out/Foul System as of the Japan WBBA Official Rules Jan 2011.

During the competitions I did some reviewing and here are some findings, feedback and suggestions pertaining to solve the issues existing.

Beyblade Competitions

Scenario 1 – Stadium Out or Self Defeat?
The current 2 point Stadium Out and 1 Point Sleep Out/Fouls system seems fine at the moment but due to the overall 5 point total and slight lack of Bey battle Rule knowledge, Both Bladers and Ambassadors find themselves confused in a Deck Battle, with arguments on what’s a Stadium Out and Self Defeat, being a 2 point difference causing much displease.

Scenario 2 – Bey Shuffling
There is also the “I see your Bey, You see my Bey” issue where both bladers have reached a point where all 3 of their deck beys are used and they are Free to choose any bey for the next battles. One player will choose his bey, then the opponent will ‘peep’ at his bey and select one to counter it, ‘seeing’ that, the blader than changes his bey again, and so does the opponent, this goes on and on…

Scenario 3 – 10min Bey Battle
Full Stamina Bey users also took too long to reach the 5 point game total and normally results in delay between matches in a competition due to the 1 point Sleep Out Rule. And thanks to new great stamina parts like
Bearing Drive
(B:D) these Beybattles can go up to 10 minutes!

Adapting to the upcoming Zero G, 'One-Point' System Ruling.
The 'One-Point' system is basically strictly based on the win basis, regardless of Stadium Out or Sleep Out. Only 1 point is given to each Win.

In a 3 Bey Deck battle, only 1 Point is given to each win, and each of the blader’s 3 beys only get to play ONCE. (this will eliminate the "I see your bey, you see my bey" problem). So game ends either a 2:0 or 2:1. In the occasion where a foul launch, tie or double foul occur, no points will be given. Purely” In Battle” points, no more winning due to poor launching opponent’s advantage. (This is similar to the OLD pioneer rule during the 1st season, but we had the “Same Metal Wheel and Bottom Type” Rule then.)

In Deck Battle, Beys in deck box are set by their own bladers, the Box numbers when in battle are chosen by the opponent before each match, fair, simple as that. Ambassadors only have to pre-check authenticity and regulations to the Metal Wheels.

So the New “One-Point” System plus the “Opponent choiced” Deck Box Rule, will add more ‘Sudden Win’ impact to the gameplay and Beyblade Combos has to be ‘smart’ since the Bladers cannot choose to advantage themselves with their Beys.
BeyBattles will be simple, short and eventful. No more complicated ‘half round in stadium then out’, ‘last touch’ or ‘fatal double foul launch disqualifications’

Open Category Competitions

The idea of the Open Cat was great; it gives Older Bladers a chance to participate in the thrill and fun of this game. It also allows parents to gain first hand experience working together with their child in Parent and Child Competitions.

Scenario – Open Category becoming Kenta Competition
Overtime, the once older gen targeted Open Cat has began to be overwhelmed with more kids than older gens, becoming more of a Kenta Competition. And more and older bladers like me, are avoiding it as it will just become like a “Big man versus Small Boy” bully situation. To make things worst we can participate in any other Catagories already. Now, winners of Open Cat are mostly from Kenta and Ginga Catagories as noticed.
The competition has lost its main purpose as a Open Category, reason?
The minimum age is too low.

Open Cat, should be at least AFTER the maximum age of the National Competitors. A better age range would perhaps be 14 and above? Instead of being benchmarked at the Kenta Category Age, 7.
The focus will then change to Secondary, Teens and adults, a battle for the bigger boys. Isn’t that the very point of Open Cat in the first place? That will definitely bring back some older bladers.

Beyblade Event Feedback

Most of the feedback from bladers and their parents are answered. These include, Beybattle Stations, Booths, Event Exclusives, Special Competitions, Tutorial Classes, Selling of Spare parts…
And they were happy about having such improvements in the events.

Some Feedback from new customers to beyblade, came as great ideas to me and I want to bring them up.

Beyblade Display

A mass display of ALL the existing Beyblades from Gen1 till now. Many were curious on how many beys were released and how they actually looked like. And it is always a great motivation to visitors new to beyblade to see such vast display of all the rares, and past Beyblades.

A covered display could be set up during Big Holiday Events to display such a collection. It will sure attract people and more hobbyists to buy and collect them.

BBSG could also display some of the Commonly Used Combinations/parts or Past National Winners Combination to encourage others to try beat it themselves. Since there is no Invincible Combos there’s nothing to lose.

Having such a section is like a ‘Beyblade Museum, it will be more interesting even for Non-playing visitors to just learn more or just awe at the displays.

Rule and Safety Boards

Another common feedback would have to be the Updated and “Printed” Rule and Regulations Board to be displayed during events to clarify doubts for bladers and parents. As most bladers DO NOT READ the online R&R page, such a panel during events will help greatly pertaining to “The Non-Repeative Metal Wheel System”, the “Point Rulings” and even “Gameplay”. Safety Pecautions and notes to parents can also be listed out to keep everyone ‘covered’.


Overall, the Beyblade community in Singapore has matured over these couple of years, and the staffs are also improving a lot when it comes to Skills and Knowledge. With some fine tuning of rules and addition of new exciting features in events, I am sure more people will be interested and those who have left will come back again.

This edited review is strictly on request. Based on BeyGenSG’s Event Report and Feedback during BBSG Events from Dec 2011 to March 2012.



  1. As usual, another great insight and review by the eloquent maestro of local beyblading.

    Good pointers about the tips for gameplay and competitions and we'll definitely look into it.

    Maybe more can come into our mail at if you are more than willing to share your views with us.

    Thank u once again.


    1. Thank you for visiting, its an honor :)
      I just hope these simple reviews of the problems faced by players and feedbacks from customers will help you and your company make betters events with better gameplay and interest to both STT and local Bladers out there.

      Please feel free to look for me if you need any assistance pertaining to Beyblades. I will try my best to help :)

      Thank you once again.