Thursday, April 5, 2012

BBG-05 & 07 Zero G Light Launcher & Launcher Grip

To take advantage in a complete Zero G Bey Battle, bladers will need...

BBG-05 Zero G Light Launcher &
BBG-07 Zero G Launcher Grip

The Zero G Light Launcher

Similar to the default Zero G Compact Launcher that comes with BBG-01 Samurai Ifraid, The Zero G Light Launcher is a Ripcord based gear launcher.

The major difference is that it is designed to launch downwards from a upstanding angle position as the New Zero G Stadium requires the Beys to be launched from the top down into the stadium. 

The Zero G Light Launcher comes with an in-built 'Grip' section and angled like a pistol grip for comfort in holding. (a little short for my hand though)

The Launcher also has 5 rotational rev, 1 time more than the Compact Launcher which has 4 rotational rev. But it does not really do any different when comapared to the Rev-up or Beylauncher where both have higher revs by default.

The Zero G Launcher Grip

The New Launcher Grip comes in two parts, the Handle Grip and the Compact Launcher Clip.

The Clip fits the Compact Launcher snugly using a 'twist-lock' system instead of a 'flip-clip' from the past seasons.

To attach, twist the lock to 'open' position and the 'Grip tabs' below will be opened for the Compact Launcher's (Stone FaceBolt Tightener) part to fit in.

To Lock, just twist the lock switch back to 'lock' position and you are ready to go.

The Compact Launcher when attached to the Grip, is positioned at a much lower position and away from the bladers fingers. This design is also to incorperate the 'Top Launched' Zero G Stadium design.

It can also attach past released attachments like LED Sights, Compass, Grip Rubber, Grip Extension, Grip Support... and so on.

The Handle Grip portion is similar to the past 3 Segment Launcher and can fit with the past 3 Seg Card Holder and the Zero G Light Launcher. It unfortunately CANNOT fit with the BeyPointer Clip from the second season.

Overall, the Zero G Launcher and Launcher Grip are additional accessories to aid bladers in a better game. Though will be looking forward to future (String based) launchers hopefully.  


  1. hi there. found your blog while researching on beyblades.

    I was hoping you could help me. I'm now in Tokyo on a short vacation and am looking for a shop that sells older beys. I'm also interested in rare beys (like Corocoro exclusives). is there such a shop?

    I can't seem to find older beys. most stores have the newer 4D and Zero-G items. :( hope you can help! thank you!

  2. Hi Zach,
    Since you are in Tokyo, you might wanna try, taking the 'Yamanote Line' to a place called 'Nakano'. There you will find a place called 'Nakano Broadway'. Its a 3 Storey Building which have many Old Gen Toys and Collectables. There are many stores there to hunt around, i found afew there. you might wanna try ya :)

  3. Hehe, I went to Nakano Broadway. It's always one of my first stops in Tokyo aside from Akihabara. I wasn't able to find any there. :( I probably wasn't looking in the right place. Maybe I should try again. Thanks for the tip!