Tuesday, April 3, 2012

BBG-02 Shinobi Saramanda SW145SD

The Second Zero G Bey in the new series~

BBG-02 Shinobi Saramanda(Salamander) SW145SD

Contents Include:
Metal Stone FaceBolt (Blank) - 5.45g
Shinobi Crystal Wheel - 5.41g
Saramanda Chromium Wheel - 30.76g
Switch 145 Track - 4.34g
Semi Defence Bottom - 0.64
Stickers & Instructions

Shinobi Crystal Wheel and Saramanda Chromium Wheel

The Shinobi Saramanda CrW and ChW are more rounded in shape when compared to the Samurai Ifraid. Appears to have more Defence Capabilities with its Jaggered edges and Thick metallic frame.

The CrW and ChW are of similar diameter and can fit on each other snugly with the Peg and Hole interlock system within them.

The Mode change of the Zero G system involves interflipping of the CrW and ChW portion. Namely 'Chrome UP' and 'Crystal UP' modes.

The Saramanda ChW, like the Ifraid, can also combine with another ChW to form a 'SynChrom' combination, this combination greatly increases the weight and capabilities. The CrW have longer 'Pegs' and have no 'Hole' slots, thus can't combine with itself.

The 'SynChrom' Saramanda weighs a 61.63g alone, heavier than Ifraid at 60.58g.

The 'SynChrom' between the Saramanda and Ifraid Chromium Wheels weighs at 61.11g.

Metal FaceBolt

The Shinobi Saramanda comes with a Metal Stone FaceBolt.
Similar to the past Gen's MetalFace 1, the New Metal Stone FaceBolt as a Full Metal top cover with a Metal Shaft in the core of the screw bolt. The New Stone FaceBolt design CANNOT fit with the Past Gen's Bey as the Screw Bolt Section is longer than the usual FaceBolt.

The Metal Stone FaceBolt weighs at 5,46g, heavier than the current MetalFace 2 (5.21g) - Heavy Custom.

Overall, the Shinobi Saramanda is the 'Balance Type' Zero G bey. Heavier than the Ifraid, it uses weight to counter the Speed Ifraid has due to its CF Bottom. The only set back is the Switch 145 (S145) Track and Semi Defence (SD) Bottom which does not perform as well in the Zero G stadium. And the SW145 can prove suicidal when in contact with the Stadium surface during a high tilt. Good but not Great addition to the Collection. 


SynChrom Saramanda - 61.63g
Circle Flat Bottom - 2.49g
Metal Stone FaceBolt - 5.46g

Since a new heavier SynChrom Wheel  and Bottom Parts are available. The Updated Heaviest Competitive Combination is SynChrom Saramada BD145CF at 77.52grams~

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