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CoroCoro Comics April Issue Review (Part 2)

Since it is the First Chapter of the New Series~
Here's the summary of the 1st Chapter of the new MetalFight Beyblade Zero G~
(Do note that with my current Japanese knowledge i can only do a summary and NOT a translation, please refrain from using direct quotes as it might be interpreted wrongly.)

The new chapter starts with a scene of the police chasing a young boy riding a horse on the highway, yes abit wtf :D Cornered, the horse took a leap off the highway. "NO HORSES ON THE ROAD!!!!" wild rider indeed.

And this wild rider is none other than our new lead~

Back in the city in a Bey shop B-Pit, a classy blader is showing off some of his blading skills beating an opponent. Shinobu he is called, praised by his fellow bladers as the 'No.1' of the area~ Like always, shinobu will have 'Tea Time' after a bey battle... and that when..

The wild horse rider appeared! "Ah, so this is B-Pit! I came here to challenge the strongest blader here!" exclaimed the new lead. "I am Kurogane Zero! and this is my partner, Samurai Ifraid!"

He further explained that he a blader from the mountains and he wanted to become stronger so wanted to find stronger challenges down in the city. He had been asking around and people  mentioned about B-Pit having the strongest blader so he came. "Please let me challenge in a Strongest Bey Battle! I need to because someday I am GONNA SURPASS HAGANE GINGA!" He was motivated by the blader spirit that Ginga and friends took out Nemesis 7 years ago and someday he is going to take that path and reach the No.1 highest Peak of Beyblade! Even if it cause him ALL this belongings!

Amused, Shinobu decided to take him on, since he IS the No.1 blader of B-Pit. Overjoyed, Zero took out his favourite BeyStadium to start the bey battle but... its an old Standard BeyStadium. The sight of the old stadium send the whole B-Pit laughing their guts out. "You seem not to know whats going on now do you, newbie?" Shinobu points to the New...

Zero G BeyStadium!!! "We will keep the rule at one fall, one Stadium Out or Sleep Out determines the winner!" shinobu added  "I am Burning Up! Lets Do This!!!" "3,2.1...Go....."

The Battle between Samurai Ifraid and Shinobi Salamader begins in the twisting and tilting Zero G BeyStadium!

Shinobu goes on describing about the Zero G stadium and Zero G beybattle is about.
Zero took the chance to do a direct attack on Salamander but... the attack was evaded due to the tilting of the stadium. Zero found that direct attacking is useless, so he decided to use Full Power to propelle his attack!

Off guard, Shinobu quickly evades and Zero's Ifraid fell thru the pocket, ending with a stadium out. "Winner! Hiryuin Shinobu!" "as expected of Shinobu" exclaimed the crowd. "The result was not a surprise"
Although taking the win, Shinobu was pretty concerned about that sudden 'Flash' of speed and power the Ifraid was using... The crowd started gossiping that Zero was a sore loser.... and suddenly...

"You ARE Indeed Very Strong!!!!" burst Zero suddenly, "I had a really fantastic battle and experience, I will definately win the next time!" he added. "As promised, ALL my Belongings are yours!" and he literally gave eveything including  his undegarments to Shinobu. Watching in the corner is the Shop Captain, "that was an interesting lad, wasn't it?"...

he soon noticed that there was a 'burned' mark on the Zero G stadium that they were battling in just now...
The night was cold and 'naked' zero's horse, manage to 'suddenly' found some clothes that fit him perfectly...(obvious its like deliberately left there >_>")

And so he was looking at the star-lited sky thinking that he needs to be stronger to surpass Ginga on day, when suddenly... "HAHAHA! Stronger than Hagane Ginga?!?!" "Hagane Ginga lost to me! Mask Blader X!!!!" WTFFFFFFFF!!!!

"How dare you speak crap of the great Ginga!" blasted Zero. "How about a Battle than if you are so good?" challenged X. So he threw a Zero G stadium out of no where and launched his bey, Flash Sagittario 230WD... (er...isn't that familiar???)

During the Battle in the Zero G Stadium, Zero began to notice that he wasn't able to effectively do an attack as it was difficult to target the opponent due to the tilting and twisting. the motion also depleated any direct attacks. "Amature!" X attacks Zero's Ifraid. "I pity your efforts, i shall give you an advice!"

"The Zero G Stadium seems uncontrolled because it follows the beys movement, Only the more powerful bey gets to control its movement!" Understanding the concept of the Zero G BeyStadium, Zero makes its move!

Zero's Ifraid began to chase after Sagittario from behind. "Isn't that the same attack from the last time?" X thought. And so comes the Secret of Ifraid's High Speed Attacks! Apparently when Ifraid's Bottom CF reaches the Edges of the Stadium, it is able to Accelerate in speed. This is because the outer 'Circle' acts as a 2nd Contact point for the Bottom and makes use of the slope surface to its advantage. (of course, the fire and air pulling in due to its W145 track is illustration purpose lol)

The sudden accelerating "burning" Samurai Ifraid delivers its special attack!

"Burning Upper!!!"

Sending X flying off his feet with is bey. He finally understood why Ifraid was able to 'Burn" now.
"Apologies, All i said was a lie." said X
"I wanted to see the battle upclose, It was an epic battle wasn't it?"
And when he takes of his helmet...

"Yes, I am Kenta." (Expected from the Sagittario Bey >_>")
"When I saw your battle in the store today, I thought of the time when i first met Ginga."
"Ginga have moved over the seas to find his passion, I believe we will meet again when i found my 'strength'." Kenta explained.
"Thank you Kenta!" and Zero rode off.
Back at the store, the assistant was shocked to see Kenta so early (he never went home duh.)
"Ginga, I might have found a great blader...one to follow behind you..."

"Let go! next up battle with Shinobu!"


That was the long 1st Chapter of this new series. Do note that the anime version might be different from the comic rendition, it happens all the time. Hope you are able to understand more of Zero G.

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