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CoroCoro Comic Febuary 2012 Review

CoroCoro Comic Febuary 2012
This issue of CoroCoro has NO beyblade related info on its cover. So do note when you make purchase and look out for the big "2" on the side of the magazine.

This months issue reviewed some combo reccomendations using Diablo Nemesis X:D which was seen used in the recent Japan 4D bey tournaments. Combos include,

Diablo Unicorno 230R2F - Best Attack Combo
This redition of the Bey, uses the weight of the Diablo MW and speed of R2F to power its attack. The additional factor would be the usage of the 230 Track, by using this track, the bey in overall is super effective against low attacking beys. Upon contact in battle the Diablo MW will tilt slightly and execute a 'Smash' attack from above. This is similar to last years bey champion combo, Basalt Kerbecs 230RS. As much as it is effective in Attack, it lacks greatly in Balance and Stamina.

Variares X:D - Best Balance Combo
The Auto Attack/Defence changing MW is combo-ed with X Drive. This combo only difference is switching the Delta Drive into a  X Drive, not much of an impact except the original F bottom of D:D is replaced with X:D WF bottom, thus the Variares moves faster in the stadium. The Wider defensive surface area of the X:D Fusion Track/Bottom also adds defensive capabilities to the Combo when compared to D:D. A slightly tuned up version of the original combo.

Diablo Pegasis BD145MB - Best Defence Combo
(Jap: Highest Weight and Performance Bey Combo)
Similar to the 'Heaviest Possible 4D Bey Combo", Diablo Kerbecs BD145MB. the review features a redition that replaces the Kerbecs CW with Pegasis 3 CW. Thou the Defensive Capabilities are similar, it is NOT the heaviest combo.

The Pegasis 3 CW only weighs 3.12 grams when compared to Kerbecs CW which is 3.34 grams. But its just a minor tuned factor. Due to its generally heavier weight and BD145 Defensive capabilities, the Diablo Pegasis BD145MB is very difficult to tackle when in battle, making it the most defensive Bey around.

The next page features the new upcoming Bey, BB-124 Kriess Signus 145WD.
(Jap: Attack deflecting Bey Capability)

The Kriess MW is a unique 2-tier inter-flipable MW which have a semi-free spinning outer Ring. With this Semi-Free Spinning MW, the Kriess Signus is able to 'Evade' on coming Attacks by opposing beys.

In addition to the Free Spinning MW Ring, the outer Ring also has a 'Slide' Capability. This slide motion 'absorbs' a Beys attack and then uses its 'free spin' to evade its Attack. Thus the "Deflecting" theory.
According to the report, it is virtually impossible to Attack the Bey head on when in max spin ratio and the Free Spinning MW makes the Signus outlast any stamina depleting 'Repeative Attacks' by opposing beys. Don't know how it will perform in Real time stamina thou.

In Attack Mode, where outer MW is flipped over and locked in place, the Kriess Mw becomes a high Upper Attack attribute MW. 

The opposite page features the New Omega Dragonis 85XF which comes as a premium with the upcoming 4D Guidebook. Yes, the Omega MW is painted metallic blue. Looks like bladers have to get more than one to play and collect this rare exclusive bey.

The following page features something new, A sneek preview of a new Bey Stadium, ZeroG~

The ZeroG Beystadium seems like a 2-Tier 'Bowl-like' Stadium that tilts around while the Bey travels in it. Doesn't seem to have any KO gaps either, wonder how the beys fall out.

The ZeroG stadium also comes with a New Bey, to be featured in the next issue, this Secret bey has a Red Crystal installed in its MW.( i wonder if it lights up ya.)

In the Beyblade Comic section, the battle with Nemesis has reached to its climax and Ginga's Pegasis is Destroyed...again.

The opposite page talks about the new 4D Dragonis Guidebook and also the new product release of 'Light Launcher LR' as an indiviual item. (used to come with Variares D:D). 

Looking forward to BB-124 Kriess Signus 145WD and Omega Dragonis 85XF. Will review when they arrive~


  1. Was Big Bang Pegasis destroyed, or was it Wing Pegasis destroyed in the manga?

    Also, can you please review the monthly CoroCoro manga/comic please? We at the Beyblade Wiki, are very eager to read them and we would really appreciate it. We only know what happend in the first 5 Chapters, we really would like to see what happens next.

    Thank you in advance, we really hope you can accept this. :)

  2. hi and thank you for visiting.
    I would love to review (translate) the whole beyblade comic portion of the mag but it going to take lots of time, will try to review this issues one first and prolly the next on.

    anyway its the BigBang that got destroyed by Nemesis.

    Thanks again for the support


    1. Oooo, thank you. I thought Wing Pegasis appeared in one chapter of the manga. :S (correct me if I'm wrong)

      Also, if it wouldn't be too much of a pain, could we at the Beyblade Wiki use your pics of Beys for our articles? We would give credit to you and link them to you. :)

      Aw... thanks Mori.m, I really appreciate it. But take your time, I don't want to give you pressure or anything, it would really be worth the wait! Just please try and review all of them, I really would love it. :) Also can we become affiliates; we link to you and you link to us.

      Thank you in advance, ,Mori.m! :D