Monday, February 20, 2012

Coro Coro Comic March 2012 Issue Review.

This Issue of CoroCoro Comic March has a small image of Ginga in the bottom left corner of the mag. So do take note when purchasing it.

This issue brings great news about tthe NEW Beyblade season!
Metal Fight Beyblade ZERO G!

Features first new Bey from the new series "Samurai Ifraid W145CF".
New FaceBolt design, New Metal Wheel Design, Colored Jewel Concept~

Apparently 'Samurai' was from the HMS series and probably the new season will be touching on Beys from that series ya. 

The New Season also comes with a new BeyStadium, the ZeroG Attack Stadium.

As reviewed, in the last issue, the new BeyStadium, as a 'tilting' effect during battle caused by the rotational force by the beys in the stadium. So Balance and Weight is pretty much a core factor in this new gameplay.

the report mentions that previous Gen Beys will still be able to function in the new stadium BUT the new 'tilting' factor will affect their initial performance, so new combos must be created with new parts for this new season! That also means the beys for this season are intercompatible!

The Final Bey for Metal Fight Beyblade 4D is also released, Flash Sagittario 230WD~
(Jap: the new Sagittario is NOT Round?!?)

Yes, apparently the new Flash MW is a 2 tier MW with 2 Heavy Weighted sides in 'Attack Mode'. Metal Wheel is also shaped in an 'Oval' instead of the regular circlular frame.
The 230WD was a surprise to many Japanese Fans as the pre-announced GB145EMS (Eternal Metal Sharp) was scrapped due to production QA reasons. So a big dissapointment for the LAST bey for the season. More about the Stamina Mode in the next issue.

In the Final Chapter of the comic, Ginga's Pegasis was defeated and destroyed by Nemesis.

And as expected, Kenta, appeared to defend and cheer Ginga on, the rest of his friends followed.

Battered, Ginga tried to gather the help of every blader in the world to help defend it from destruction. And so with the help of DJ, Ginga's request was broadcast all over the world and Blader's all assisted Ginga by lending him their 'Blader Spirit'.

Even Ryuga and the previous 'Baddies' all helped.
and  finally... Kenta's Sagittario Evolved at that very moment (duh?).

A glimsps of the 'Future' season character 'Zero' was seen helping out with his HMS Samurai Bey.

Ginga's Pegasis Reformed and was 'HAND SHOT!!!!" into space!!!

With all that 'Blader Spirit' Ginga, destroyed Nemesis and the World is Saved.

Ginga, thanked Pegasis for his journey with him and also the friends he met along the way. 

7 years have passed after the Nemesis incident, Beyblade took on a new system, a new stadium and a new blader comes forward... Zero! with is Samurai Ifraid!

Will be looking forward to the new season coming this March~! 

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  1. Mori.m, the next CoroCoro is released in four days! Can you please pre-order it and review the manga when you get it? We are really eager to see what happens! Thanks in advance! :D