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BB-123 Random Booster Vol.9 Fusion Hades AD145SWD

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BB-123 Random Booster Vol.9 Fusion Hades AD145SWD
This Volume of Random Booster is yet another 'rare' series and packed with parts from DX sets, Game Exclusives and totally new CW and MWs.

Bey Combos in this Volume includes:

-Crash Escorpio 125JB (new MW)
-Bakushin Beelzeb T125XF (new CW)
-Meteo Ldrago 85LF Rush Ver.
-Meteo Ldrago W105JB Assault Ver.
-Hell Beelzeb 125XF (new CW)
-Cloud Lyra 85SF (new MW)
-Cloud Geminos T125SF (new MW)
and of course the Super Rare of this Volume,
-Fusion Hades AD145SWD (new Bey)

Contents Include:
Clear FaceBolt (blank)
Hades Clear Wheel
Fusion 3 part 4D Metal Wheel
Armor Defence 145 Track
Sharp Wide Defence Bottom
Stickers & Instructions

Fusion Metal Wheel

Fusion Hades AD145SWD is one of the unique beys around in 4D due to its new type Fusion MW.
The Fusion MW is made out of a 3 part System, the MW core and a Double Sided manual mode change Ring MW which half is made of Rubber. Yes, a Rubber Coated MW.

In Balance Mode, the Fusion MW hides most of its Rubber Surface below the MW Ring, revealing a Jaggered designed surface which is high in Repeative Attacks.

When in Full Spin Ratio, the MW surprisingly shows alot of Recoil capabilities, this might be due to the 'Gaps' of Rubber Surface coming in contact with the opponents MW.

Since Both Beys are Right Spin, the Impact direction of both the beys are opposite. When the opposing MW comes into contact with the 'sudden' Rubber surface in the opposite direction, its like swinging a Baseball Baton on a Moving Bicycle Wheel. The Baton will naturally be pushed away and Momentumn will be change. Therefore explaining the 'Recoil' Attribute in this Mode.

When in Low Spin Ratio, the Fusion MW takes on it Repeative Attack, reducing in Recoil. This wears down the opponents Spin Ratio.

In Defence Mode, the Fusion MW Rubber Surface is line on the Top half of the MW Ring, more Rubber surface area is revealed and the metal surfaces are hidden below.

In Full Spin Ratio, the Rubber Fusion MW has, but lesser recoil when opposing an opponent of similar Track Height and appears to have some Absorbing or 'Spin Steal' Capabilities each time it contacts the opponent's MW.

When the opponents MW comes in contact in the opposite direction this time round, its exposed to a 'Constant' Rubber surface intead of a 'Gap'. This is like slowly applying Brakes Pads to a moving Bicycle Wheel, slowing down its momentumn momentarily.

This takes off Spin Ratio of the opponent gradually (and to Fusion itself also) resulting in the 'Spin Steal' Effect. It is recommended that the MW Rubber be 'seasoned' to a certain degree to see its full potential.

In the words of 'Spin Steal', many will relate it to none other than the only Spin Steal bey Ldrago. In fact the Fusion Hades is like the Right Spin version of the Ldrago. So what if this two were put in a battle?
To see the effects of the 'Spin Steal', both Beys were in AD130SWD configurations.

Surprisingly, there was quite some Recoil going on at max spin ratio but soon came to a 'silent' battle after the spin ratio lowers down. Both MW Rubber surfaces begin 'Stealing' from each other from the process. And results...

Fusion Hades is still spinning in the end.
This is high chance due to the Fusion MW rubber surface percentage being more then that of Ldrago Destroy PC. Too add, Ldrago MW's Balance is quite bad and tends to tilt alot during the battle unlike the Fusion MW which is more stable when it comes to impact recovery.

Sharp Wide Defence Bottom

Fusion Hades also comes with a new bottom part, Sharp Wide Defence (SWD).
The SWD is bascially a WD version of Hell Kerbecs Defence Sharp (DS) Bottom. But perfomance wise it works pretty much the same as Fang Leone's Wave Wide Defence (W2D). The set back is probably the height of the Sharp tip which causes too much tilt to the whole bey in general. A good but not great part to add. 

In overall, the Fusion Hades AD145SWD is a unique Bey due to its Rubber Coated MW design. This might introduce a whole new way of Blading strategy via 'Spin Steal' and Momentumn Diversion thru impact. Definately a MW to watch out for. The SWD on the other hand is not a big thing but adds to the WD variation family for now.

The RBV9 also comes with one new CW and 2 new MWs.

The Beelzeb CW is a 'Bee-like' motif Clear Wheel. Circular in shape and its evenly distributed design makes it a well balanced low impact CW despite its low weight value.

The Crash MW is the Hybrid MW version of the 1st Gen Non-Hybrid Bull MW, Very high in impact Attacks and Upper, but lacks in Balance and Stamina. Would say it pars with Mercury and Vulcan MWs in Attack Capabilities.

The Cloud MW, following Crash is the Hybrid version of the 1st Gen Aries MW. Very light MW with a low Attack area. A good distablizer but lacks greatly in weight to make it effective. Yet to find any strong points to make this MW useful.

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