Tuesday, January 3, 2012

BB-121 Beyblade Ultimate DX Set

Happy 2012 to everyone whom has been supporting BeyGenSG for the past year~!
and to start of the year~

BB-121 Beyblade Ultimate DX Set
This DX set is probably one of the most unique bey combo set as it consist of 3 New Beys! it includes 2 new reditions of the Pegasis and Ldrago and a totally new Duo Uranus 230WD!

Contents Include:
Uranus Clear FaceBolt
Ldrago Clear FaceBolt
Pegasis Clear FaceBolt
Uranus Clear Wheel
Pegasis Clear Wheel
Duo 4D Metal Wheel
Guardian Metal Wheel
Wing Metal Wheel
Ldrago 4D Fusion PC/Rubber Clear Wheel
230 Track
Left Wing 105 Track
Shield 130 Track
90 Track
Wide Defence Bottom
Left Rubber Flat Bottom
Metal Ball Bottom
Wide Flat Bottom
MF2 Tool and FaceBolts Set (Emerald)
BeyLauncher LR (AshGrey)
Stickers & Instructions

On a side note, the Beylauncher LR that comes in this DX Set matches the color of the 1st gen Karabiner Clip. Finally i get another matching BeyLauncher LR version besides the 4D Metallic Red one. Hope that come out a Black or Clear one ya~

Ldrago Guardian S130MB

This Version of the Ldrago is similar to the original Ldrago Destroy but enhanced in the Defensive Attribute, thus the name 'Guardian'.

The Guardian MW is identical to the Destroy MW when it comes to shape and attack points, the only few difference is the additional design details (armor-like design) covering some curves of the body making it more 'circular' in overall shape.

The Guardian MW is also Heavier than the Destroy MW at 39.37g compared to Destroy at 38.68g. Increasing in overall stability in weight.

The Guardian MW also carries a higher Recoil Attribute as compared to the Destroy MW. The Guardian MW is more hollow as Gap Fillers from the Destroy MW's design is removed.

The overall Defence Capabilities of the Ldrago Guardian is no doubt better than the Destroy when in full spin ratio. But the Absorb Capabilites that are suppose to come in during low spin ratio is greatly affected due to its higher recoil and the PC wheel can't effectively balance after contact with an opposing force. the usage of the MB Bottom also induce too much tilt, so balance is greatly off. using WD or PD would be much better recommended.

Overall, the Defence version of the Ldrago, is quite a recoil binded Bey, like all High Recoil Bey, its highly reccomended as an Attack Type and could be quite deadly when used with Rubber type Bottoms like RSF and RB. Not recommend for Stamina Stealing and Balance Toppers.

Wing Pegasis 90WF

The high Attack BigBang Pegasis takes on an even higher Attack redition with additional mode changing attack blades aka 'Attack Wings', Wing Pegasis 90WF

The Wing MW is a totally different system when its comes into comparison with the Big Bang MW. The Wing MW consist of a 2 part MW that can interchange in 3 modes, the Full Defence Attack, Single Blow Super Attack and Repeative Attack modes.

In the Lower MW is 'Numbers' inscripted in it and on the Top MW is an 'Arrow' To switch modes, the Arrow laid above the number will determine its mode. The mode change of the Wing MW is a little difficult for beginners, so let me put it in a more simple way.

Mode 0 - The Defence Wall Attack
All 3 Blades/Wngs are of equal offset positions. In this mode, the Wing Pegasis is max in overall surface Attack. With no obvious surface Attack Points. Pretty much functions like Storm Pegasis MW.

Mode 1 - The Single Blow Super Attack
In this Mode, Only 1 Blade/Wing is shifted out of its Position to create a 'Single Attack' point.

This single point when in contact with another Bey, delivers a very powerful attack upper but throws itself away quite badly also, not recommend with default WF bottom, Rubber Bottoms are better in this mode.

Mode 2 - The Repetitive Attack
When this mode is active, 2 of the Wings/Blades are shifted 'slightly' out of their positions. This creates an uneven surface on the Wing MW. When another MW comes in Contact, the 2 Blades induces small bump attacks, Repetitive Attacks like this will degrade balance and spin ratio of opponents Bey. Works Better when used with Bottoms with Higher Balance and Surface area (WD, W2D)

Overall, the Wing Pegasis 90WF is indeed an Attack Enhanced Bey but lack in Smash and Defensive capabilites when compared to the Big Bang Pegasis.

When put into battle with BigBang Pegasis F:D (Upper Mode), the Wing Pegasis 90WF did not perform and got KOed 3 out of 5 times. Works better with Rubber based Bottoms of course. Not an impressive addition to the Attack MWs but fair enough.

Duo Uranus 230WD

The highlight of this DX Set, the Duo Uranus 230WD.
Yet another High Track Bey after the Flame Byxis 230WD, the Duo Uranus packs in more than just a high tower Bey.

The Duo MW is a 2-Tier Metal Wheel with an 'Off set' Capability. Like the Basalt MW, the Duo is able to offset its center weight distribution buy doing a simple 90 degrees switch to its top MW.

The Duo MW with no Offset (Center - Defence/Stamina)

When in this mode the Duo MW stays Balanced, concentrating its force in the center when in high spin ratio, making smash attacks at low spin ratio.

The Duo MW with Offest (Off Center - Attack)

When the Duo is Offset, the weight distribution becomes one sided and MW spins with a pendulium effect. It make small circular movements when centered but move greatly when  in contact by an opponent. Of course Stamina is greatly low in this mode but attack mode is obviously high. the Smash Attacks in this mode is deadly but low in chances. Not recommended.
But for those vivid jump Attacker fans, you might want to put Duo Lyra M145Q to the test.

Overall, the Duo is like a Mode Changing version of the Basalt MW but lack Weight and Recoil value, making it almost useless in Attack, Defence and Stamina combos. But i do recommend Duo MW for Jumper Bladers and when coupled with M145Q can be quite deady when in contact.

The Beyblade Ultimate DX Set is a great DX set to start and probably one of the Best DX so far. Parts like S130, LW105, LRF and MB also made this DX a set worth getting. Happy Blading~


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