Wednesday, January 4, 2012

BB-122 Diablo Nemesis X:D

14 Beys in 1?

BB-122 Diablo Nemesis X:D
Probably one of the most sophiscated bey ever designed. As reviewed in the previous CoroCoro Comic, the Diablo Nemesis is like a fusion of 14 beys, taking motifs of other beys and incorperating with its own design.

Contents Include:
Clear FaceBolt (Blank)
Nemesis Clear Wheel
Diablo 4D 2-Tier Metal Wheel
X Drive 4D Fusion Track/Bottom (X:D)
Light Launcher with Ripcord (Black)
Stickers and Instructions

Besides the Diablo MW system being the most sophiscated, it is also the only MW system that can 'combine' with the X Drive when used in its Active Balance Mode.

Attack Mode

The Top MW layer lays on top of the Main MW.

In Attack Mode, the X Drive is independent and can ONLY Manually change modes between XF and S by toggling a switch in the Track.

To change modes (from XF to S), the switch will have to be pulled up and turned to place to reveal the S bottom.

The Diablo Nemesis has an astonishing High Recoil Ratio when in contact with a opponent when in XF mode. The Recoil factor was so great that it almost self KOed in several occasions. The only factor that still keeps it in the stadium is probably its weight. In S Mode, the Diablo Nemesis is easily off balanced and due to its Uneven MW surface, it loses Spin Ratio very quickly. Not recommended for full Stamina play.

Active Balance Mode

In this Mode, The Top MW is flipped and contacts with the X Drive.
The highlight of the Diablo Nemesis would have to be its Active Mode Change system. This Mode can only be used with the Diablo MW. This is so as the X Drive makes use of the MW to change modes when coming in contact with an opponent's attack.

On the X:D there is a small switch, and on the Diablo MW is a Jaggered Gear to toggle the switch. 

When Rotated, the Jaggered Gear depresses the Switch on the X:D, and changes Modes from XF to S2D to S and vice versa from S to S2D and XF.

As fantastic as it sounds, does it really work? 
When put to test, the Diablo Nemesis functions in XF most of the time when launched in Full Spin Ratio. When an opponent Bey is introduced, it gets KOed almost instantly due to Diablo MW's high Recoil Ratio, but not much change was seen in the Active Mode Change system.

Tried again with a lower spin ratio and Diablo Nemesis was in S bottom configuration. Once again introduced an opponent bey and when the MWs came in contact, Diablo Nemesis Changed Mode! Ran the test for several times and found that the Active Mode Change function only works well in a lower Spin Ratio. That also explained why high spin ratio users are not able to see the Active Mode Change, less those using the high rev launchers.

Overall, the Diablo is a very nice and sophiscated designed Bey, any collectors must have. Out of the Box in Attack Mode, the Bey works ok and have an extremely high Recoil Ratio, highly recommeded for Attack Combos. The X:D is gimmickly impressive but sluggish and inconsistant when it comes to performance. Sadly i would have to compare it to Variares MW gimmick defence system. Basically, its all over before you can see any Mode Change of any sort. Nonetheless, great bey to add to the collection.


The Diablo is the most heaviest MW in the 4D series so far at 51.73grams  when compared to last season's Basalt MW at 47.83grams.

So heres the run down of the Most Heaviest Competitive Combo for the 4D season.

The old Maximum Series Heavy Weight Combo would have to be the "MF2 Basalt Kerbecs BD145MB" at 67.02grams (JP 1st Gen MW version, weight might vary depending on MW.)
Since the Kerbecs CW, BD145 Track and MB are still the Heaviest CW, Track and Bottom so far, just the Basalt MW is replaced with Diablo MW and...

There you have it, at 70.92grams "MF2 Diablo Kerbecs BD145MB"
The Most Heaviest Competitive Combo for the 4D season, not to mention that it CAN be used.
Performance-wise, I leave the testing to the fans ya~

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  1. you get try Twisted Diablo X:D(Twisted onto Diablo's metal frame in ultimate balance mode with X:D for the bottom)?
    how heavy illegal is it?