Monday, January 9, 2012

Limited Series: Lightning Ldrago 100HF (Kyoukku Ryu Ver.)

Lightning Ldrago 100HF (Kyoukku Ryu Version)
This limited Black/Gold version of the Lightning Ldrago a limited CoroCoro Comic Sent In exclusive back in 2010/2011.

Contents Include:
Ldrago Facebolt
Ldrago Clear Wheel (Black)
Lightning Metal Wheel (Gold)
100 Track
Hole Flat Bottom
Stickers & Instructions

The Black Clear Wheel being colored, like all other colored parts when compared to the Clear versions are slightly heavier. In this case, the Black CW is 40.3grams compared to the Clear CW at 39.8grams.

The Gold painted Metal Wheel, like the Colored CW, have a weight difference too. the Gold MW weighs at 29.6grams compared to the normal MW at 28.95grams.

I have to say that the heavier Ldrago is definately going to add to the already extremely high attack capabilities of the Lightning Ldrago. But like all limiteds, its not going to be used in battle. A nice piece to add to the collection~

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