Monday, January 31, 2011

Mori Customed Rip Tab Protector~

Noticed that many bladers Beylaunchers have broken rip tabs during a recent tournament.
Those that broke happen due to the letting off of the tab at maximum pull, the recoil pulls back and caused the tab to hit back with an impact that breaks it.

Tried using BB-81 Launcher Rubber, but the rubber tab is hard and heavy, so sometimes will bruise the hand when the tab recoils back.


Mori Customised Foam Launcher Tab Protector Set.

A PVC inlay covered with EVA foam and a silicon recoil stopper.

Results, Painless, Soundless retract of the rip tab with no impact to the plastic tab protected in its foam jacket = no breakage to the tab and no bruises to the hand XD


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