Monday, January 17, 2011

CoroCoro Feb Issue~

Collected the Feburary issue of CoroCoro Comic Yesternite.

Here are some interesting pages with Beyblade information~

There is a fold-out page featuring the 3rd America team Maximum Bey - Basalt Horogium.
BB-104 Basalt Horogium 145WD is a Right Spin Bey.
The article states that the MW(Metal Wheel) is Solid right up to the Left/Right Locking Column and its weight makes it "impossible" to flip. Tilting it in the process making will make the Basalt MW execute a "Smash Attack". The design on the MW also eliminates any "catching" of other MW increasing its defence and stamina.
(Basalt Horogium is soft released at the World Hobby Fair on the 16th January 2011, actual retail release will be on 19th Feb.)

Introducing the next Maximum series Bey, BB-102 Screw Capricone 90MF~!
With a strong Upper Attack of the Screw MW making it the "Maximum Upper" Bey.
New Bottom MF - Metal Flat allows Screw Capricone to have a longer spin attack ratio, Increasing its Screw Upper Attacks~!
Also featured below is the next CoroCoro exclusive Bey, Mercury Anubis 85RF Brave Ver.

A full two page on possible Bey configurations with the new series beys~

Issue Comes with Free Hell Kerbecs Weight Boost Hard Rock Stickers~!
The stickers apparently are added to the under sides of the Hell Kerbecs parts CW(Clear Wheel) and MW to increase Weight, Stamina and Balance. (by 3.2 grams to be exact)
The stickers are allowed in the competitions as it is approved by WBBA, mentioned in the article.

A schedule page on whats coming for the WHF(World Hobby Fair).
Besides the soft release of the BB-104 Basalt Horogium, Bladers can try their luck in a point battle where each winning player will be given a scratch ticket which allows them to win a Limited WBBA Burn Phoenix 90WF Blizzard Ver.

Event also features a New Bey Stadium - DX Fighting Battle Stadium!
Its a new stadium that is so big it can have 6 Beys battling in one go!
Will be released after WHF and comes with 90 Track and WF bottom.

And of course the long anticipated "Big Bang Metal Wheel" prototype! (Love the Wing design~)
The Big Bang MW belong to an all new Pegasis rendition which is also known as the "Reborn" of the Pegasis as the Galaxy got Destroyed in the battle with Hell Kerbecs.

Some Manga shots of the New Big Bang Pegasis, and Ginga shooting it off WITH HIS HAND!!!!!FTW

The prototype of the new "Fusion Bottom" - 'Genesis' is also featured.
the fusion bottom is basically a combine "track" and "bottom" single part.
the "Genesis" Bottom is a switch type where SF(Semi Flat) can be Retracted to become a RF(Rubber Flat) it is still not known if this is an Automatic system or Manual.
More details will be out Next issue and also the New Pegasis 3 CW(Clear Wheel) Prototype.
*WBBA note: please note that all the presented pics are prototypes, final designs and names will be changed and might not be the same as planned.

Other Information includes BB103 - Snipe Launcher, which is basically a BeyLauncher2 with a 180 degrees swivel Rip Cord! For more precise slide shoot angles!
Also, on the right is the DVD release of the Recent BeyBlade Movie (Versus the Sun) which features Sol Blaze V145AS - the DVD comes with a limited edition "Ray Unicorno - Rainbow Ver." Pics Not Available. DVD released on 18 Feb 2011.

Next Issue, Meteo Ldrago versus Basalt Horogium (Possible Upgrade for Ryuga's Bey! Meteo to Amageddon perhaps? LOL)

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