Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BB-100 Random Booster Vol.6

3rd Bey of the Maximum Series unfortunately happens to be the Rare prize of Random Booster Vol.6

BB-100 Killer BeaFowl UW145EWD

Contents include:
Clear BeaFowl Facebolt
BeFowl Clear Wheel
Killer Metal Wheel
Upper Wing Track
Eternal Wide Defence Bottom
Instructions & Stickers

Exclusive UW145(Upper Wing) and EWD(Eternal Wide Defence)
Upper Wing has two modes

The Defence Mode(Left) and The Attack Mode(Right)
EWD is basically a WD(Wide Defence) with ES(Eternal Sharp) as its center.

Looks plain without its 'rainbow' color stickers but i will keep it as it is.

BeyBattle Testing

EWD Stamina Test - the highlight of BB-100 would have to be its Bottom.
Being its "Maximum" condition, lets see if EWD could live up to its name as "Most Longest Stamina Bottom".

On its default configuration, the EWD was trial 10 times with the following results.
1st Run: 3mins 40sec
2nd Run: 3mins 42sec
3rd Run: 3mins 50sec
4th Run: 3mins 55sec
5th Run: 4mins 02sec
6th Run: 4mins 02sec
7th Run: 4mins 01sec
8th Run: 4mins 30sec
9th Run: 4mins 23secs
10th Run: 4mins 42 secs
It seems the EWD runs better the more it is used.

WD Versus EWD Test
Test Bey "MF Earth Ario 100WD" vs. "Earth Beafowl 100EWD"
Both Beys are weighed to be the same.

6 Run Trial Results

MF Earth Ario 100WD W0 L6 D0 KO0
Earth Beafowl 100EWD W6 L0 D0 KO0

Results are astonishing~

EWD could really be the best Stamina/Defence Bottom ever made!

Now for a little omake for my readers XD

Weight With Box
Killer BeaFowl UW145EWD = 71g
Galaxy Cancer D125HF = 67g
Burn Elscorpio 100HF = 68g
Flame Gemios 105CS = 69g
Killer Elscorpio 100D = 67g
Galaxy Sagitario 145CS = 66g
Flame Cancer D125RF = 70g
Burn Sagitario 105HF = 67g

Killer BeaFowl is the heaviest...
you know what to do ya~

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