Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HellFlame Kerbecs F145MGD/SD

Customizer Mori at it again!

Well, it all started when I noticed that the Flame Metal Wheel is actually the same Diameter as the Boost Disk on the Hell Kerbecs.

Guess it will be cool to make the Flame MW into a Metal Boost Disk, so it happened~

So did some modifications and...

And the HellFlame Kerbecs F145MGD/SD is Born!

Now for some tests trials XD
Since the new Kerbecs is way off the weight charts, running some stamina tests would seem more practical as i do not wish to spoil any MW in the process.

So first up, HellFlame Kerbecs L145MGD Normal Mode.

3, 2, 1, GO SHOOT!!!

Launched with BeyLauncher LR from Gravity Perseus in a standard stamina stadium.

After 5mins 21secs the Bey is still in 'sleep mode'

and at 7mins 14secs the Bey made its stop.

carried out 3 test on Normal mode.
1)7m 14sec
2)7m 12sec
3)7m 10sec

Next up, HellFlame Kerbecs F145DS Boost Mode. (Yes the modification CAN switch modes~)

Same Launcher and Stadium is used.

After 9mins 12secs, the Bey is still in 'sleep mode'!!!!!

And finally after 10mins 13secs, the Bey made its stop!

3 tests Results
1)10m 13sec
2)9m 55sec
3)9m 57sec


yes, I am shocked at the results.
And I am happy with the modification!

Maybe I will do some Attack Test next time ya~


  1. can this bey be beating or is it the best reply please

  2. hey man, why u dont make the same but with Scythe, Scuythe Kronos F145 DS (F145 en normal mode) jejeje

  3. you can use free 230 spin track and wide defence sharp performance tip they are both stamina. then it will become Flame Hell Kerbecs F230WDS.