Monday, January 31, 2011

BB-93 Booster Ray Unicorno D125CS

Got my hands on a Booster version of the Ray Unicorno

BB-93 Ray Unicorno D125CS

Reason: to do a comparison test between the two versions.
BB-71 (Back) and BB-93(Front)

Parts Layout

The test started as there was a rumor that the Booster version has a heavier Metal Wheel than the Starter version. And so the simple test begin with the weighing of the two Metal Wheels.

The MW of BB-71 weighs 29grams.

And the MW of BB-93 weighs 30grams (1g more)

So it is true that there IS a weight difference between the two versions!

Futhermore to add, the Track and Bottom of the two versions are also different.

BB-71 Track and Bottom are Opaque Grey and BB-93 Track and Bottom are Clear Gray in color.
In weight their the same.

I ran some battle test between the two beys and the results are as follows.

Battle Test 10 Rounds on Standard Stamina Stadium.
BB-71 = W2 L5 D1 KO2
BB-91 = W7 L2 D1 KO0
Overall, BB-91 Win 7

Of course, I don't believe 1g would make such big difference in results but there you have it.

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