Friday, January 14, 2011

Cerberus Reunion?

I have wanted to do this ever since i got Hell Kerbecs XD

The "old skool" Burning Cerberus meets "New skool" Hell Kerbecs~

Since i got them together...
3,2,1 Go Shoot! (let 'em rip!)

Around 6 seconds later...
I guess i think too much, LOL

The rest of my "old skool" collection, its a waste that i wasn't financially added at that point of time to buy more of them. Would definitely love to collect all of them, if not all the dragoon series~

My old BeyLauncher and Competition Bey sure bring back fond memories of the old Bey days. Now to kind of think of it, I should have gotten the whole Spring Suspension, LED scope and Handle Grip last time na :(

And for those who might still have this BeyLauncher Grip, heads up~!
The old grip can actually hold the "Light BeyLauncher" and "BeyLauncher 2" quite stable actually. But sadly, you can't use it for official tournaments.

Maybe i should start playing with the "old skool" beys ya~ lol

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