Friday, January 7, 2011

BB-99 Hell Kerbecs BD145DS

Yes, the long wait is over and its finally here!!!

2nd Bey from the Maximum series, BB-99 Hell Kerbecs BD145DS!

Contents in the package~

Hell metal wheel (50mm dia), Kerbecs clear wheel and Face.

Boost Disk track (50mm dia) and Defense Sharp bottom.

Size Comparison with Storm Pegasus 105RF

Boost Mode (Left) and Normal Mode.

Mori Test Review

Good and Bad news to bladers i might say, although all that positive reviews and demo of the Hell Kerbecs, it is Not really invincible. Lightning Ldrago in default 100HF configuration can still kick this heavy Bey (Almost 50+grams) out of the stadium with some good launching techniques.

The 'Normal mode' isn't fantastic and Defense Sharp bottom tilt level is too much, causing the Boost Disk to hit the stadium when launched too high up. Having a Wide Defence or Metal Ball bottom will definitely boost the usage of this mode much better. Any bey caught in the "gap" between the metal wheel and the boost disk will be countered quite badly and most of the time be knocked out of the stadium.

The 'Boost mode' on the other hand, is not as stable as expected, although it having a sharp orientated bottom. The plus point in this mode will have to be the fact that the track Boost Disk "combines" with the Hell metal wheel creating a "shield" which prevents opponents to directly hit the Hell Metal Wheel, thus reducing recoil and sluggishness. Stamina Up!

Besides the Lightning Ldrago, Hell Kerbecs Boost Mode can almost easily win over most beys in their original configurations. Mostly due to the Boost Disk and nature of its weight distribution. I would say Hell Kerbecs BD145DS might be the next Earth Aquila 145WD. I guess we will be seeing a lot of this Bey in the upcoming Japan Tournaments.

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