Thursday, September 27, 2012

Request: Begirados Evolution Review

It has come to the fact that my previous post in  CoroCoro October Issue, confused some readers as i have posted a page of the Comic/Manga section (which i regret doing) about the Begirados 'Evolving' into a new bey supposedly named "Bahamudia".

That i apologize for even trying to show the new non-release bey, creating much confusion.

To close the mistake and confusion, heres the requested 'proof' that the fact "Bahamudia" is actually Begirados.

"After Shinobu manage to win Begirados in the Battle, a roaring sound started to come from the stationery defeated Begirados Bey."

"The Surface of the Begirados began to crack and veins also started to throb on the Chromium Wheel!"

(Top Right): "Killer's Bey is starting to move!!!"
Killer then starts to explain that Begirados holds a secret, that its not just any 'Beast' when Begirados comes across a strong Bey Battle, it "Evolves".
(A): in that column you can see that Begirados starts to crack open, almost like hatching something within.
(B): and in B you see the Bey completely shatters open and the New Form within is released!

 A Beast appears from the Body of the Begirados, but this time its a Dragon-like Beast, Bahamut.

(Top Right): "A New Bey appears in within the old Bey!"
(Top Left): "Let me introduce to you Begirados's REAL form...Bahamudia!!"

This Ends my "argument" on the fact that Bahamudia is actually the evolution of Begirados.
My bad for posting the Comic/Manga portion. Hope this clears up any disbelief and confusions.

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