Thursday, September 20, 2012

BBG-19 ZeroG Launcher

Will be skipping BBG-18 ZeroG Random Booster Vol.2 Review as BeyGenSG was not able to obtain a Full Set due to stock depletion in Japan. Will Review it in a later date when the stock is available. Apologies and thanks for the Support. But for now, we have a good news for Anti-Ripcord Bladers out there~

BBG-19 ZeroG Launcher
The ZeroG Launcher is the String rendition of the Standard Ripcord ZeroG Light Launcher and Compact Launcher. The String version of such BeyLaunchers has always been more popular amongst Bladers as it packs more control and Power in a launcher.

ZeroG Launcher comes only in a aqua blue color for now.

And comes with an additional storage compartment in its Handle Grip and also a Tool as the Base Cap, Neat!

The ZeroG Launcher is similar in size to the BBG-05 and BBG-13 Light Launchers released so far.

The String length and Revolution of the ZeroG Launcher is the Same as the previous series BeyLaunchers at 7.5 Rev. (Comparing to BB-115 BeyLauncher LR Mars Red)

The Launcher can also attach tune up gear like BBG-07 Launcher Grip 

and also previous gen's BB-101 Grip Support.

The ZeroG Launcher (w/ grip support) allows the Blader to hold the angle of the Bey with minimum effort and is pretty comfortable.

When launched, the ZeroG Launcher was Smooth and did NOT crack. (Results might vary between different batches.) The launch was also very powerful when compared to the Light Launcher or Compact Launcher~

Even when launching a Full Synchrome Combo at an angle.

The ZeroG Launcher was able to execute with no effort nor cracking in gear components.

Overall, the BBG-19 ZeroG Launcher performed much better than i expected it to do and was able to cope with various heavy combinations and angles. Even at approximately 50 launches done on a Full Synchrome Combo, the ZeroG Launcher condition was still tip top. Very highly recommended for all Bladers and should invest on a few to season and practice with.

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