Saturday, September 22, 2012

BBG-20 Bandid Goreim DF145BS

Extreme Defence! Hammer Destruction!

BBG-20 Bandid Goreim DF145BS
The First Rock Elemental Defense type Bey as its name suggest, is a strong and rugged Armor Defense based motif Golem.

Contents Include:
Metal Stone FaceBolt - 5.45g
Bandid Crystal Wheel - 4.66g
Goreim Chromium Wheel - 29.64g
Down Force 145 Track - 1.78g
Ball Sharp Bottom - 0.58g
Stickers & Instructions

The Goreim Chromium Wheel and Bandid Crystal Wheel

The Goriem ChW has a pretty rugged looking design consisting of 'Armor' plates and Rock like surfaces. It is relatively circular in shape and has several edges which can be used for Repetitive Attacks. Under the thick 'Armor' designs are some hollow areas which increases Recoil upon hard impact, and the thick walls of the Chromium Wheel is able to absorb weak impacts, quite a well balanced Defense ChW.

The Bandid CrW has a semi 'Gear' and 'Blade' surface. The left portion of the CrW sets a sloped blade, good for upper(CrW Up) and smash(ChW Up) attacks in respective modes. The Right sets a Thick 'Hammer' wall, Good for absorbing Attacks and Recoil.

The Goreim Chromium Wheel weighs approximately at 29.64grams.

And the Full Synchrom Goreim weighs at aprx 59.40grams.

Chromium Up & Crystal Up Modes

Down Force 145 Track & Ball Sharp Bottom

As disappointing as it is, the Bandid Goreim does not come with any new Track or Bottom. The DF145 and BS parts are of similar specs to the previous series and performs normally.

Performance Test

The Bandid Goreim when launched, performs like a Stamina Bey due to the Ball Sharp Bottom. It stays in the absolute center right after it is deployed and is quite stable.

The DF145 and BS combo also enable the Bey to be quite resistant to sudden high tilts when induced momentarily although it wobbles a little..

Bey Battle Trial

To test the Defense Type Capabilities of the Bandid Goreim DF145BS, it will be Trial against Water Elemental, Defence Type Bey, Guardian Revizer 160SB in a Standard ZeroG Attack Stadium.

Upon launched, there was a 'Tilting War' between the two Defense Beys, both of them doing extreme tilt angles trying to gain the Balance in the Center portion.

But as soon as the Bey regains its Center Balance, the massive Recoil starts, the Goreim sending Revizer near off the edge pocket while staying at a safe height with little movement.

As the Stadium tilts, Revizer slides back down towards the center to regain balance, but the tilting angle also bring Goreim towards the center...

And another heavy Impact sends the Revizer into the Stadium Out Pocket with the Goreim turning slightly away and slides back to the center.


The Recoil values of the Bandid Goreim DF145BS is no doubt the highest i have seen so far in the ZeroG series. The BS Bottom also helped the Bey to be very stable in a battle even with the High Recoil attacks dealt on its Chromium Wheel. The overall balance of the Bey is acceptably high but the Goreim tilts a little to often when in battle a wider bottom like WD will be recommended. The Bandid Goreim is a must have for All Defense Type Bladers, and the Goreim ChW is a good defense part to have add to a Synchrom Combo.

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