Wednesday, September 5, 2012

BBG-16 Dark Knight Dragooon LW160BSF

The return of the Left Spin Dragon Bey!

BBG-16 Dark Knight Dragooon LW160BSF
The Dark Knight Dragooon (yes 3 'o's) is the first Left Spin Bey of this ZeroG season. And also the second Sky Elemental Type Bey after the Archer Gryph.

Contents Include:
Clear Stone Face (Clear Ruby) - 1.22g
Dark Knight Crystal Wheel - 3.85g
Dragooon Chromium Wheel - 31.29g
Left Wing 160 Track - 2.41g
Blade Semi Flat Bottom - 1.23g
ZeroG Compact Launcher (Left) w/ Ripcord
Stickers and Instructions

Dragooon Chromium Wheel & Dark Knight Crystal Wheel

The Dragooon Chromium has a dragon motif design with 3 significant Dragon heads (thats why the 3 'o's in the naming to signify the 3 dragons). If you look closely you'll notice that 2 of the Dragon heads resembles the First Ldrago, Lightning Ldrago and Second generation Meteo Ldrago's design. Which is very well known in Upper and Attack Capabilities. The Third Dragon is a winged Dragon, And since the top of the Dragon Head is used instead of the front portion like the other 2, this Portion of the Bey is thickest in Mass and also High in Smash Capabilities.

The Dark Knight Crystal is a unique twin surface, two functioned Clear wheel with a Curved Blade and a Jagger Surface. The Single Bladed surface is sloped and executes a very efficient Upper Attack whereas the Jagger Edges deals Repetitive attacks on the opponent that wears down their Spin Ratio.

Chrome Up & Crystal Up Modes.

The Dragooon Chromium Wheel Weighs approximately 31.29g

The Full Synchrom Dragooon Weighs at apx. 61.41g

Left Spin attribute Wheels
The Dark Knight CrW and Dragooon ChW are special Wheels with Left Spin Attributes. By adding ANY of the Left Spin Wheels to the TOP tier of a Synchrom combo changes the Spin Direction to Left.

For Example, if the TOP Tier Synchrom Combo is Dragooon Gryph LW160BSF, then the Bey is a Right Spin because Gryph is a Right spin Chromium Wheel.

But when the Synchrom Combo has Either Dark Knight or Dragooon  on the TOP Tier, like Gryph Dragooon LW160BSF or Gryph Dark Knight LW160BSF, the Bey is Now a Left Spin combo.

Samurai "Dragooon" DF145CGF
So in short as long you put a Left Spin ChW or CrW in the RED portion or TOP of a Synchrom combo, the Bey spins Left~

Left Wing 160 Track

The LW160 is basically a higher and mirror of the 6 Fin Wing 145 Track from Samurai Ifraid W145CF.
Blade Semi Flat Bottom

The BSF is a taller and wider rendition of the Semi Flat Bottom (SF). It resembles more of the Rubber Semi Flat (RSF) size and height when compared with the much smaller SF bottom.

The 8 outer fins have little elevation angle so do not oppose any Down Force but serve as an average counter angle defector when a sudden steep tilt occurs.

ZeroG Compact Launcher Left

The Dark Knight Dragooon also comes with a Compact Launcher that has an in-built tool.

The Left Compact Launcher is slightly bigger when compared to the Standard Right Compact Launcher. Performance wise the Compact Launcher functions on the average. 

Performance Trials

The Left Spin Dark Knight Dragooon is known for its High Attack Capabilities at Peak Spin Ratio and Repetitive Attacks at Low Spin Ratios.

1- When launched in a ZeroG Standard Attack Stadium, the Dark Knight Dragooon make significant high speed full revolutions in the mid section of the stadium avoiding the outer ring and center pit. Very high in Attack levels and Recoil.

2- After the Spin Ratio lowers, the Bey starts to make tiny Circles in a flower pattern in the center pit area before ending in a Stamina stall. Flower pattern attacks are super effective when coupled with Repetitive Attack modes as the Bey makes brief but continuous Attacks to wear down the opponent's Spin Ratio.

Bey Battle Trials

The Dark Knight Dragooon LW160BSF is pit against similar Attack Bey Samurai Ifraid W145CF in a ZeroG Standard Attack Stadium.

Upon Samurai Ifraid's launch, the Stadium was Rocking in a wild circular motion.

Here comes the entry. When the Dark Knight Dragooon was launched, the Stadium stablized! Yes, instead of circling in the opposite direction, the Dragooon slided to the center pit and Stabilized the Stadium with its counter directional Spins.

Then the Action begins! As soon as the Ifraid loses Control of the Stadium momentum, the Dragooon moves out of the center and starts to circle the Stadium, staying in the mid section of the stadium walls.

The opposing force of the Left Spin Dragooon was so great the weaken Ifraid loses its balance and Grip of the Stadium surface almost instantly!

Another smaller revolution made by the  Dragooon sent the Samurai Ifraid out into the Stadium Out Pocket!


Without a doubt the Dark Knight Dragooon LW160BSF really twisted the rules and movement of the Stadium and has a tremendous amount of Attacking capabilities as its previous seasons. The Stamina and Balance attributes also outshines opposing a similar bey type. Overall, the Dark Knight Dragooon is a must have for all bladers and collectors~

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