Thursday, September 20, 2012

CoroCoro Comic October Issue Review

This month's issue of CoroCoro comes with Duel Master Premiums, mini comic, LBX poster chart and only have a small image of Zero on the lower portion of the page.

This issue features the recent released BBG-22 Berseker Begirados SR200BWD!
(Jap: The devastating Dragon Killer! The most powerful Rock Type Bey!)

The Begirados Chromium Wheel has one main Beast Head and inward Facing Jaws that seems to be "biting" onto the Center Clear Stone FaceBolt.

New Bey consist of  Clear Stone FaceBolt, Begirados ChW, Berseker CrW, Stamina Ring 200 Track and Big Wide Defence Bottom.

The Begirados ChW is slightly bigger than all the ZeroG Chromium Wheels released so far. Its Bigger and more stand out design, make it more defined for Attacks and Defence capabilities.

The new Stamina Ring 200 Track is a straight 200 High(+) track with a Smooth Surfaced Ring on its outer surface. It resembles the D125 Track from the past series except that its higher and the Ring is taller in width also. The new SR200 Track is mentioned to be able to fully retain its Spin Ratio by 'Diverting' any low Attacks with its Ring.

The Bey also comes with a New Bottom the Big Wide Defence (BWD). As its name suggest, it is simply the Bigger rendition of the Wide Defence Bottom (WD). The further Widen WD has a very high pivoting angle and acts like a "daruma" or "a topple balance toy".

The Review also states that the Begirados can take on 2 Dark Knight Dragooons and still defeat them!

In the comic section, the Comic rendition of the Begirados actually evolved into another bey winthin the battle with Zero and Shinobu~  Bahamudia? O_O

more in the next issue~

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  1. Awesome review, BeyGen, but might I ask, are you 100% sure that Begirados evolved into Bahamudia? You do not show us the manga scans for all the pages anymore so I am not quite sure of it, but if you can at least upload a photo of Begirados "evolving" into Bahamudia from the manga or at least explain it better, that would be much appreciated.