Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BBG-22 Berserker Begirados SR200BWD

The most powerful dragon killer ZeroG Bey~

BBG-22 Berserker Begirados SR200BWD
The Begirados is the Second of the 'Rock Type' Elemental Bey after the Bandit Goreim. This Bey is claimed to be the most powerful Bey released so far. High Stats in both Attack and Stamina capabilities!

Contents Include:
Clear Stone FaceBolt - 1.22g
Berserker Crystal Wheel - 3.35g
Begirados Chromium Wheel - 31.00g
Stamina Ring Track - 3.35g
Big Wide Defense Bottom - 1.02g
ZeroG Compact Launcher w/ Ripcord (Navy Blue)
Stickers & Instructions

Begirados Chromium Wheel and Berserker Crystal Wheel

The Begirados Chomium Wheel is mortified as a single Beast Head design. The Begirados being a huge horned beast has a big jaw and teeth. These are also put into as design for the almost Symmetrical design. The curves around the ChW that induces Attack properties are also Gradient and not too jaggered as to hinder the Stamina of the Bey.

The inner portion of the Chromium Wheel is 'Ringed', spreading its weight on the outer and innermost to increase Stamina. Huge gaps in between the Rings also induces high Recoil to repel opponent attacks.

The Begirados Chromium Wheel is also one of the Widest released so far at 4.9cm whereas the others averaged at 4.7cm.

The Begirados weighs approximately 31.00grams.

And a Full Synchrom Begirados weighs at apx 61.91grams.

The Berserker Crystal Wheel is a Stamina based part. It consist of a mixed motif of Blades and Chains, similar to those of a Chained Blade used by Kratos.

Chromium Up and Crystal Up Modes

Stamina Ring 200 Track

The SR200 Track is a high defensive part that makes use of the high Track and Smooth Ring surface to Repel opponents attacks. The SR200 looks similar to the past series D125 Track.

Big Wide Defense Bottom

As the name suggest, this is the Bigger Rendition of the Wide Defense Bottom, therefore BWD. The BWD took the whole circumference of the Bottom area and Fully used the overall area as a defense surface. Very high in Defense capabilities.

Performance Test

When launched into a Standard ZeroG Attack Stadium, the Begirados moves in little tight circles instead of staying centered. This is due to the BWD edges coming in contact with the Stadium Surface when the stadium tilts.

The Begirados also have a very high resistance to sudden tilts angles and almost didn't side to the edge. Instead it circles tightly towards the center area.

Bey Battle Trials

To compare the Stamina capabilities of the Berserker Begirados SR200BWD, it will be up against Water Elemental Stamina Bey, Pirates Orojya 145D in a Standard ZeroG Attack Stadium.

When launched, Both the Beys circled for some revolutions before meeting in the center.

Being lower in height, the Orojya seemed to be 'pushed'' away when it came in contact with the Begirados SR200 Track. And the Begirados simply just slided away with minimal damage.

The second attempt to attack the Begirados proved fatal for Orojya as its Chromium Wheel was caught between the Berserker Crystal Wheel and was later 'pushed' away by the SR200 again, losing lots of Stamina in the process.

The battle ended in a Sleep Out for Orojya and Begirados Won.


Overall, clearly the Stamina Capabilities of the Berserker Begirados SR200BWD is very impressive. As much as the ChW and CrW are concern, the SR200 and BWD are very good Track and Bottom Parts regardless of the conditions. The Begirados is a great Stamina Bey to have and a must add to any bladers collection.


Bet everyone is also itching to know if the Claimed "Begirados taking out TWO Dragooons" is true?
Well, guess what, its worth a try~
(Images taken at 10 shots per second as battle ended in 3.42 Sec!)

Upon launch of all Three Beys in a Standard ZeroG Attack Stadium, the Two Dragooons wasted no time attacking the Begirados . But the High Recoil of both the Dragooon ChW and Begirados ChW took the toll. BSF with the lesser grip surface than the BWD, sent the first Dragooon out of the Stadium thru the pocket seconds into the battle when the Begirados was circling from a high tilt.

The Second Dragooon was in a head on course of with the Begirados which just took out the first Dragooon and the same effect happened. The BSF Bottom of the Dragooon was no match with the BWD as the outer edge of the Big Wide Defense acted as both a Friction Grip and also a great Attack Accelerator, propelling the Begirados in a much higher speed than the Dragooon.

And so you have it, the Begirados CAN defeat TWO Dragooons!!! Impressive!


  1. Nice review of Berserker Begirados, BeyGen, I know you're probably sick and tired of seeing me say this, but, CoroCoro November has just been released today and as soon as you get your own copy of it, well... would it be all right if you could give us some other glimpses and scans of the manga chapter?

    My reasoning for this is that usually, info on the manga is usually quite vague, scarce and obscure, and we have to wait some time for the scans to come, by then, they will be old news. You used to do manga scans before, but if you could, would it be alright if you just give us a plot summary of what happened as well as couple of scans just to address the most important plot points?

    I seriously would be very happy and grateful if you did this. If you can't, that's okay. But if you can, that would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

  2. hey Beygensg you havent made a zero g random booster vol 2 review and by the way awsome reviews