Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BBG-14/15 Metal Stone Face Custom

As the Metal Face 2 from the previous series can't be used with the new ZeroG system, a new set of Metal Face is released.

BBG-14 Metal Stone Face Custom (Flame Red)
BBG-15 Metal Stone Face Custom (Ocean Blue)

Contents Include:
Metal Stone Face Core
Metal Stone Face Outer Ring
Clear Stone Face Core
Clear Stone Face Outer Ring
Tool with MSF storage

The new MSF Custom work and functions pretty much similar as the previous versions with the standard Feather (MSF-F), Light (MSF-L), Middle (MSF-M) and Heavy (MSF-H)

The approximate weights and attributes of the following is as such (for reference only)

MSF-F (1.39g)
Similar to a Clear Stone Face but slightly higher in mass (normal CSF - 1.24g). General in performance. High in Stamina and Movement.

MSF-L (3.53g)
Light also known as "Zero Core" in Japan, is a Stamina/Defense based combo and supports Bey Combos with a higher outer centrifugal weight distribution and increases Recoil and Movement

MSF-M (3.50g)
Middle or "Middle Core" is a Balance/Absorb combo that works well with Low Tracked Combos. Prevents tilt when used with combos below 145. It also lowers Recoil impact by absorbing the recoil of the opponents bey.

MSF-H (5.76g)
As its name suggest, Heavy is the maxed out MSF combo with maximum Attack and Absorb abilities but very Low in Stamina when used with an Attack based combo.

The Tool attachment is now re-designed to the center so that the Tool can be used like a 'Tap'. The new MSF Tool can still be used for previous Clear FaceBolts/Bottoms.

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