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CoroCoro Comic January 2012 Issue Review

Heres a short review of the Beyblade section in,

CoroCoro Comic January 2012.
This issue of CoroCoro comes with a Duel Masters Metal Card Case premium and only have a super small image of Ginga stuck between the CoroCoro Title. So do note when you get your copy.

Featured in this issue, is the 14 in 1 bey! Diablo Nemesis X:D!
(Jap: The Heaviest Bey Ever!!!)

Yes, the complete Diablo Nemesis X:D bey is apparently the heaviest Bey so far, at 62grams~
Even exceeding its Maximum series of the last gen.

This issue reviews more of its much awaited "Active Balance Mode"
So far in the last review, only the MW is revealed, this time round is the unvealing of its 4D Fusion Track/Bottom, X(EX):Drive!

The EX Drive is basically a Triple Bottom Tip Changing Fusion Part. It can switch between S (Sharp), S2D (Stern Semi Defence) and XF (eXtreme Flat) and vice versa!
But there is more to the X:D than just a Bottom Changing Part. The Nemesis when in "Balance Mode" has an Active Changing System!

In "Active Balance Mode" the top tier MW is reversed to the lower portion, the lower MW then 'connects' to a switch device on the Fusion Track which triggers the Bottom to change. In this mode, when the Lower MW is in contact with an opponent, it switches Mode! So Mode changes according to the contact the MW encounters.

So Nemesis stays in Stamina Mode (Sharp) when no contact is advanced, when a strong attack is made, the X:D immediately changes mode to Defence Mode (S2D) to prevent K.O. When a repeative attack is made, the X:D shifts to Attack Mode (XF) to counter opponents. The combo works in reverse order also from XF to S2D to S.

looks like the X:D is a 4D Fusion Part to look out for, its like an 'Active' version of Variares D:D (Delta Drive)! Would definately want to see it in action!

Another New Bey featured is the Super Rare Bey from the Upcoming Random Booster Vol.9~
Fusion Hades AD145SWD!

The Fusion Metal Wheel is the only MW in the whole series to have a FULL Rubber Coating top tier covering the whole outer MW. It claims to have the Most intensive defence MW amoungst all defence type Beys. I wonder how it will par with the Spin absorbing Ldrago, perhaps the Ldrago finally met its Rubber Rival!!!

The Fusion Hades also comes with a new Defence Bottom, SWD (Sharp Wide Defence). SWD is basically a WD bottom with a Sharp point in the center of it. I would say its a more fortified version of Hell Kerbecs's DS (Defence Sharp) bottom. Not very skeptical about this bottom as it resembles Fang Leone's W2D (Wave Wide Defence) which isn't really all impressive. Would have to test it out to review ya.

A small sneek of the Upcoming "Christ Signus" is also revealed. Apparently the Christ Signus MW has a Free Spinning outer MW layer~! The whole outer MW is Free Spinning for the record. So i guess its great news to "zombie" Bey makers since the B:D (Bearing Drive) is already available and Scythe Kronos isn't enough to make that 'zombie' effect..., you get the point :)

Great New for bladers who are eagerly awaiting for "Omega Dragonis" appearance~ yes, its finally available!

According to the listings it will be limited to the "Strongest Dragonis 4D Guidebook" to be release in 20 Jan 2012! No mentioning that it will be a premium or a limited send in Bey Prize at the moment. So i guess you will have to hold your horses for the moment until the book is out to find out.

One thing for sure, the Bey exist and its coming!

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