Thursday, July 28, 2011

CoroCoro Exclusive Bey: Ldrago Destroy DF105LRF Gold Armored Ver.

Manage to get this rare bey in my collection finally~

CoroCoro Exclusive Bey: Ldrago Destroy DF105LRF Gold Armored Ver.
Comes as the sent in limited bey for CoroCoro Comic Subscribers in Japan.

Contents Include:
Ldrago Destroy Limited Embossed Metal Facebolt
Ldrago Metal Wheel
Destroy Clear Wheel
Down Force 105 Track
Left Rubber Flat Bottom
Instructions & Stickers

This edition of the Ladrago Destroy comes with a recolored Metal Wheel and Clear Wheel.
And surprisingly, the recolor edition of the parts differ in weight from the original Ldrago Destroy~!

Ldrago Destroy Gold MW: 38.11grams
Ldrago Destroy Normal MW: 38.65grams = heavier

Ldrago Destroy Gold CW: 59.4grams = heavier
Ldrago Destroy Normal CW: 55.9grams

The most exclusive thing about the Ldrago Destroy Gold Armored Version would have to be its Super Limited Exclusive Embossed Metal FaceBolt~ this redition of the MF1 has an imprinted re-designed Ldrago Logo on it. Pretty Cool in my personal opinion~

The FaceBolt also added a new Medium weight range to the MF catagory and almost equals to a MF-Medium weight but wih higher Upper mass. *higher Upper Mass means that the FaceBolt has most of its metal mass on the top portion of the FaceBolt. Having this factor increases spin ratio by reducing center mass for balance compared to the MF-Medium. (Metal Core with Clear Ring)

Overall, the Ldrago Destroy DF105LRF Gold Armored Version is a Valuable Collectors Bey to have. Do not really see the need to use its Gold Painted Surface in battle and the purpose of the FaceBolt can be retained by a normal MF1. Perhaps the Heavier CW can be swapped with the original for more weight. So a great Bey to add for the Collection ya~