Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BB114 - Variares D:D

Took some time from the release date but its finally here~

BB114 - Variares D:D
Variares is a Left and Right Rotational Bey similar to Gravity Perseus, also built as a singular gimmick defence/attack auto change 4D Metal Wheel system with no Clear Wheel. D:D (Delta Drive) multiplies its variable capabilities even more with a Triple Bottom Tip Changing System. In addition, Variares D:D Bey also comes with its original Light Launcher LR~ Gimmick indeed.

Contents Includes:
FaceBolt (blank)
Variares 4D Fusion MW
Delta Drive 4D Fusion Track/Bottom
Light Launcher LR & Ripcord
Stickers & Instructions

The Variares D:D as mentioned in it name, is made of two very unique parts. The singular 4D Metal Wheel and its Delta Drive.

The Variares MW is a Gimmick Mode Change 4D Metal Wheel System.The Variares is also the first non-circular motive bey and have more jaggered edges than any released beys so far.

At max spin ratio, the Variares Defence Blades (yellow) are retracted into its full metal body, exposing only its triangular shaped metal surface and edges Maximum Attack Mode!

At low spin ratio, the MW automatically exposes its Defence Blades and covers its Metal Attack Edges to minimise surface "locking" which slows down the velocity of the Bey, retaining much spin power. Defence Mode Up!

The Variares MW weighs about 43.70grams.

The Delta Drive (D:D) is basically a Triple Mode 4D Fusion Track/Bottom that can manually change from Wide Ball (WB), Flat (F) and Sharp (S). A 3 in 1 System~

Wide Ball (WB) Mode - Defence

Flat (F) Mode - Attack

Sharp (S) Mode - Stamina

Light Launcher LR
Basically a non-Beypointer, Compact version of the Digital BeyLauncher. Comes with main launcher body and two Bey Clips L and R.

The clips are attached similar to the Digital version using locking machanism and bladers can easily change the clips manually without much hassle.

The Direction Lock is also included in this Light Launcher to switch from L to R spin so that users will not insert the Ripcord into the wrong slot when using.

Overall, the Light Launcher LR is a cool launcher to have but it is also more difficult to pull compared to the rest of the Light Launchers. Will take even more skill and practice if one would want to use this launcher.

Bey Test Trials

The major concern about the Variares MW is simple. Being a Gimmick MW, that also means that its interior is hollowed to fit the springs and movable parts in it. And like all Hollowed MW, it will have high recoil properties.

So this Trial, is to test how much recoil the Variares D:D produces and is it pro or con.

Trial Beys

1st Trial
Variares D:D (WB - Defence) versus MF2-H Gravity Perseus S130RSF (Stamina/Defence Mode)
Results: Variares = 0, Gravity = 1 / Sleep Out Win
The Recoil in this battle was pretty epic with Gravity and Variares both Recoiled to the edge of the Standard Attack Stadium. If it is not because of the 'Attack Boost Collar' Both the Beys would have Stadium Out.

2nd Trial
Variares D:D (Sharp - Stamina) versus MF2-H Gravity Perseus S130RSF (Stamina/Defence Mode)
Results: Variares = 0, Gravity = 2 / Stadium Out Win
The Recoil this time showed significant disadvantage to Variares in Stamina mode. Gravity this time round drove Variares out of the Stadium with almost no recoil to itself with it RSF Bottom. That goes to show the High Self KO possibilty of the Variares MW although heavier than Gravity MW.

3rd Trial
Variares D:D (F - Attack) versus MF2-H Gravity Perseus S130RSF (Stamina/Defence Mode)
Results: Variares = 0, Gravity = 2 / Stadium Out Win
Similar to the Stamina Trial, the Recoil of the Variares MW did its damage to itself again. delivering a dissappointing Self Recoil Stadium Out upon contact with the Gravity MW.

Variares is probably the MW with the highest Recoil Ratio after the Fang MW. Not recommended to be used in Default with D:D. Bladers might wnat to consider using Rubber based Bottoms like RF when using Variares as an Attack type, RSF/RB for Defence and RS for Stamina.
Defence Blades did not prove useful as the Recoil was to big for the Defence Capability to even take place. Thou its Attack Mode does has its High Recoil and can be useful for Full Attack Users.

Overall, the Variares D:D is a great bey to add to your collection. Due to its Super High Recoil, it is Not recommended for amature bladers. If you are looking for a all round bey. Beat Lynx D:D would definately be a better choice.