Monday, July 4, 2011

Backdoor news: Random Booster Vol.8

Manage to get some rumor of the upcoming RBV8.
Looks like the theme for this series "Gimmick" was part of the plan for new unofficial Clear Wheels and Faces.

Beys Include:
Hell Crown 130FB
Screw Leia ED145MF
Screw Fox TR145W2D

Divine XXXXX 90W2D
Divine XXXX TR145D
XXXXXXXXX S130XX (Prize Bey)

Looks like Divine Chimera TR145FB after suffering a "freebie" treatment, is going to get another mashing again in RBV8. Not only are its parts like Divine MW and TR145 reused and recolored, even its FB is getting revamped. Well, for those whom are wondering, the "XXX" are censored by Takara Tomy till the anime releases them. So they will stay "hidden" until then.

The dissapointment would have to be the fact that the Prize Bey takes S130 as its Track and not a 4D Fusion Track/Bottom. My guess that it will most likely be Jade Jupiter S130 XX. Oh well, since now the RBV8 stash are still rated "rumor" will have to wait for my trip there in August to pry some info ya~

Till then, will fiddle around with Variares D:D for now~
Review coming soon.

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