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Coro Coro Comic August Issue Review~

Got the latest copy from the Local Japanese Book Store~

Coro Coro Comic August Issue~
This month's issue feature no beyblades on its cover, so please do note the "yellow" 8 number and also a small ginga image on the top left side of the magazine.

Featured on the upcoming Beyblade Asian Championship on the 20 Aug ~ 21 Aug Kyoto.
Also talked about how the Japan Representatives have been winning two straight consecetive years despite a strong opponent from Korea in 2010.
"Challenge the Japan Champions! Japan is Strong!"

Next up features on the latest released Variares D:D and how bladers have been using it to defeat the towers of Bey combinations like Hell Kerbecs BD145WD (defeated by Variares D:D), Gravity Perseus BD145RF (defeated by Variares T125RS) and Basalt Horogium 230WD (defeated by Variares BD145RF). Variares D:D officially released today (16/07/2011) in Japan!

The page that many have been waiting for and heard in "Backdoor News", BB116 Random Booster Vol.8 - Jade Jupiter S130RB and BB117 Strongest Blader Set - Blitz Unicorno 100RSF~!!!

The new 4D version of the original Ray Unicorno is now Blitz Unicorno 100RSF!
It comes in a set together with 2 other beys namely Nightmare Rex UW145EWD and Basalt Horogium 130RS with a magma orange tool and MF2.

The new Blitz MW is a two layer Metal Wheel that allows the Bey to switch between 3 blades (Power Attack Mode) and 6 blades (Repeative Attack Mode). Not sure if this Unicorno new MW is going to live up to its name but the new MW design does looks like an improved Dark MW in 6 blade mode. Thou it is quite dissapointing to see that the Bey is still using 100 Track and also a Rubber Semi Flat Bottom parts.
Will do a full review once i collect it from Japan this August ya~

Random Booster Vol.8 is much anticipated as it contains all new Beys features in the Anime like Hell Crown, Screw Leya, Screw Fox and Forbidden Ionix. But i guess the main point of its "gimmick" theme this time round has to be it super rare bey, Jade Jupiter S130RB.

The Jade Jupiter S130RB (not green as expected) is known as the WBBA best Recovery Support Bey.
Reason being its 4D Metal Wheel, Jade.

Jade like Variares is a singular gimmick MW. Jade in this case contains not 2 (GB145 Track), but 4 metal stabilising Ball Bearings. Yes, like the Gravity Ball Track, Jade holds the same Stability capabilities the GB145 holds but in its MW instead!
During maximum spin ratio, the Ball Bearings are pushed far out to the 4 edge of the MW, enabling extended weight ditribution for Stamina. When the Bey reaches low spin ratio, the Ball Bearings will centralise, allowing the core to regain Stability, enabling Defence Up!

Whats even more impressive is that the Ball Bearings can be locked in place just by Switching a blade on the MW. Allowing it to be fix in Defence or Stamina Modes for maximum control in Battle Types.

Jade Jupiter also comes with a new Rubber Type Bottom, Rubber Ball~!
Already top in defence, the Ball Bottom is given a Rubber upgrade to Maximise it Defence properties~

Looks exciting ya, Jade Jupiter. Will definately be looking forward to test out this Bey and also add it to my collection~ a must have i might say. Jade Jupiter S130RB Random Booster Vol.8 will be release together with Blitz Unicorno 100RSF Strongest Blader Set on 6th August 2011 in Japan.

That all for this issue. The next CoroCoro Comic September issue comes with an Official Book Guide and also will be featuring a "home version of the Beyta?" Will be release on the 11th of August 2011.

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