Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BB-116 Random Booster Vol.8 - Jade Jupiter S130RB

Brought hot from JP~

BB-116 Random Booster Vol.8 - Jade Jupiter S130RB
Similar to RBV7, All of the booster Beys are rare. In this volume there are quite a few parts that are New (Jade MW, Forbidden MW, Rubber Ball Bottom) or came from Limited Game Premiums (Triple Roller Track, Flat Ball Bottom).

Contents Include:
Jupiter Printed FaceBolt
Jupiter Clear Wheel
Jade 4D Metal Wheel
Shield 130 Track
Rubber Ball Bottom
Stickers & Instructions

Jade 4D Metal Wheel System

The prized Bey Jade Jupiter comes with a new 4D MW named Jade.
Jade is basically a 2 layer MW System with a Quad-Ball Bearing Balancer similar to the Gravity Ball 145 Dual-Ball Bearing Balancer Track from Earth Virgo.
Functions no differently except being a Quad System and Located in the MW instead of the track.

In Stamina/Defence Mode the Ball Bearings are unlocked and when in Max Spin Ratio, the Gravitational Weight is concentrated to the outer ring of the MW, increasing in Stamina. When Spin Ratio reaches a low,  the Ball Bearings moves into the Center position switching to Defence Mode.

In Defence/Attack Mode, the Ball Bearings are Locked in the Center position and a Recoil pocket is revealed. In this mode, Jade functions and moves like the Gravity MW, with high recoil element. Thou, the MW weight is much higher, it does have its "suicidal" Recoil possiblilties, and therefore a Rubber Bottom to support it~

Rubber Ball Bottom

Looks like a seasoned Rubber Flat/Rubber Semi Flat, the RB also has a "Largest" Rubber Surface Area in the series of Rubber Performance Bottoms. Very high in defence capabilites and counter manuvuerability. It also has a quite acceptable Stamina property when seasoned. The only minus point would have to be its rubber height, making the RB easier to wear out in a shorter time and must be replaced if not becoming a CR = Coated Rubber ~lol

Performance Test on the Jade MW and RB Bottom

Ran some test on Jade Jupiter S130RB using a standard Attack Stadium with Beat Lynx TH170WD.
Used Beat Lynx as it is one of the most neutral Balance Type Beys around, perfect to test against all Types of Beys.

Results as follows:

Jade Jupiter S130RB (Stamina Mode) vs Beat Lynx TH220WD (Defence Mode) 
J3(Sleep Out) : B0

Jade Jupiter S130RB (Attack Mode) vs Beat Lynx TH145WD (Attack Mode)
J2(Sleep Out) : B1 (Stadium Out)

Jade Jupiter S130RB (Stamina Mode) vs Beat Lynx TH195WD (Defence Mode)
J2(Sleep Out) : B1 (Sleep Out)

From the Battle Trial, it seems that the Jade MW has certain potential against High Track opponents like 220 and 230 and its defence capability is able to recoil off Beat Attack and Defence Modes to retain its Stamina although being a Rubber based Bottom.

Didn't really see or feel the Quad-Ball Bearing System taking place as there was too much recoil, upper and smash attacks between the two Beys. But the Jade Jupiter did keep its balance much more efficiently than Beat Lynx. Perhaps 'That' is the Ball Bearings taking action.

Overall the Jade Jupiter S130RB is not a All great Bey but has quite an impressive Balancing potential. The New RB Bottom, serves as a great upgrade to RSF and when seasoned could be a great Attack bottom with a higher Rotation Force than RF or XF. A good Bey to have in ones collection.


The RBV8 Jade Jupiter S130RB weight in box is 82.3grams average, one of the most heaviest. (No counter weight Cardboard)

The Jade MW also makes a "rattling" sound when shaken although there is a cardboard filter slot in between the contacts. So do look out for a loose clicking metal sound.


Another New part in the RBV8 is the Forbidden Metal Wheel.

The Forbidden MW looks similar to the Flame MW and Thernal MW.

The design added point about the Forbidden MW is that it is the Highest Metal Wheel. Like the Hell MW and Flame MW which has a lifted MW height, the Forbidden MW has the highest level amoungst them.

When used with 230 Track, the MW is 3mm higher than the Flame MW. The slope design of the lower MW also enables the MW to guard from Lower Attacks, forcing any counter force to be channeled dowards and unbalancing its opponents rotational consistency.
(mori custom reccomendation : MF2-L Forbidden Cancer 230HF/S) prolly the highest Bey so far.


  1. Jade Jupiter out of the box is an average to bad bey. I tried only a little time. The RB tip is fantastic for attack, the MW it must be tested in other combos, but as i said out of the box is a very deception bey as majority of them.
    Thans for your blog, i read a lot and learn a lot; IMHO is way better than forums to have a good idea, photos and info.

  2. @beygensg Hey if don't mind, could i purchase beyblades from you. I'm currently collecting them